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The Best Gut Health Supplements in 2024

michaela lyons, dietitian

Michaela Lyons, Dietitian

This article has been reviewed by and is endorsed by Michaela Lyons, qualified Dietitian. Learn more here.

Gut health has been making waves in the health and wellness industry for quite some time now, but it looks like 2024 will be its biggest year yet. From  gut health supplements  to probiotics for gut health, the focus on this topic is not just a trend - it's a lifestyle. Our gut health affects more than just our digestion; it can have a significant impact on our mental health, immune function, and so much more. People are beginning to realise the importance of taking care of their gut, and the industry is responding with innovative products and solutions. Some researchers in this space even suggest the gut is the body’s second brain. So, if you haven't already jumped on the gut health bandwagon, now may be the perfect time to start. Building big muscles may look great in the mirror, but there's nothing more important than taking care of our bodies from the inside out.

Why Is Gut Health Important

Gut health is an important aspect of overall wellness that should never be overlooked. A healthy gut can improve digestion, boost the immune system, and even help regulate mood. However, poor gut health can lead to a range of issues, such as inflammation and poor nutrient absorption. In fact, many modern health issues can be linked to gut issues. The problem with our busy lifestyles is that many of us don’t consume enough of the right foods to support a balanced gut microbiome. Often referred to as the second brain, your gut health can be impacted by numerous lifestyle factors. Are you eating enough fibre? Consuming enough fruit and vegetables? Exercising regularly? Getting enough sleep? If your answer is no, then you might want to consider a few lifestyle changes. We know it’s not easy, but thankfully, there are a great number of gut health supplements that can help you take a proactive approach to improving your gut health in 2024.

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The Best Gut Health Supplements

When it comes to your gut health and performance, you’re always better off following a balanced diet and nutrition plan, but we know that isn’t always possible. This is where gut health powder and probiotics for gut health can make a difference. By supplementing with gut health supplements, you can work to improve your gut health. Let’s take a look at the best supplements for gut health available at ASN.

Evolve Gut Instinct

Evolve Gut Instinct  is a potent gut health supplement designed to support your gastrointestinal function and performance. Built with probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes, this renowned formula supports nutrient absorption, helps reduce inflammation, and promotes gut healing. This comprehensive formula targets issues like bloating and leaky gut, supporting overall gut health. By improving your gut integrity, Evolve Gut Instinct supports digestion, nutrient uptake, and immune function. This formula contains ingredients like L-glutamine, marine collagen, inulin, bromelain, turmeric extract, zinc, and more to support your gut health. Whether you're dealing with gut problems or aiming for better overall well-being, this supplement is a game-changer.

Key Ingredients

  • L-glutamine

  • Marine collagen

  • Probiotic Matrix


Everybody Everyday Gut Performance

Gut Performance  is a powerful gut health supplement that is meticulously crafted to support your gut microbiome. Packed with active prebiotics, this vegan-friendly formula supports your body goals while aiding intestinal absorption and reducing bloating. By nurturing a healthy gut environment, Gut Performance supports overall health, gut performance, and daily vitality. Key ingredients like prebiotics and vitamins contribute to gut health, facilitating the digestive system, immune function, mental well-being, and nutrient absorption. Sugarcane stem delivers high-quality fibre and micronutrients, red sorghum delivers antioxidants to support reduced inflammation and cell damage, while beetroot supports your digestion and helps to strengthen your gut bacteria. But it doesn't stop there. Gut Performance is also Monash University Low FODMAP Certified, which can support those with IBS and gut irritation. Gut Performance can help you take a vital step towards fortifying your gut health and digestive system so that you can improve your holistic well-being.

Key Ingredients

  • Sugarcane stem

  • Red sorghum

  • Beetroot 


ATP Gut Right

One of the most unique formulas on this list,  Gut Right by ATP Science , is a potent modbiotic formula rich in beneficial compounds that support gut health. Packed with modbiotic polyphenols from traditional sources like skins, peels, seeds, and fibre, it helps to replenish what's lacking in modern diets. This formula supports a diverse microbiome, working to strengthen gut health. By addressing deficiencies caused by changes in farming and food processing, Gut Right promotes a balanced gut flora. Scientifically formulated by the experts at ATP Science, this formula supports a microbial balance crucial for overall health. With Gut Right, you can prioritise your gut's well-being and restore essential nutrients missing in contemporary diets.

Key Ingredients

  • Larch heartwood

  • Schisandra berry extract

  • Vegan glucosamine HCI


Gevity RX Bone Broth Body Glue

Gevity RX Bone Broth Body Glue  is a nutrient-dense stock formula that offers maximum bioavailability and 10x more collagen than a standard bone broth formula. Crafted from 100% grass-fed Australian beef bones, this formula is paired with naturally evaporated sea salt, which is the traditional natural way to extract the maximum nutritional value while preserving the bones. This bone broth offers a mild, neutral flavour for seamless integration into any meal. Ideal for health-conscious individuals, it supports gut health with its high collagen content and easy digestibility. This formula, free from preservatives, ensures transparency and quality in every sip. Get serious about your gut health with Gevity RX Bone Broth Body Glue, a delicious and wholesome choice that pairs perfectly with a cooked meal.

Key Ingredients

  • Australian grass-fed beef bones

  • Naturally evaporated sea salt


Whole Health Studio Bloat and Digestion Support

Whole Health Studio's Bloat & Digestion Support  is a powerhouse gut health supplement delivered in capsule form and crafted to nurture gut health effectively. This formula, drawing from traditional Western herbal medicine, features key ingredients like ginger, gentian, globe artichoke, and chamomile. It supports reduced bloating, flatulence, and nausea while supporting healthy digestion and relieving discomfort. Scientifically backed, this gut health supplement is designed to support overall well-being and digestive health. Work towards improved gut health with this health-conscious formula designed by an environmentally conscious brand.

Key Ingredients

  • Ginger

  • Cinnamon

  • Globe artichoke


Nutra Life Gut Relief

Nutra Life Gut Relief  offers a triple-action formula to support and soothe the gut lining, promoting good bacteria growth for overall gut health. With key nutrients from slippery elm, glutamine, quercetin, pectic, and aloe vera, this formula supports relief from gut irritation, indigestion, and constipation. Nutra Life Gut Relief supports healthy liver function and may reduce flatulence. The product’s prebiotics and plant extracts help protect and stimulate the gut lining. Nutra-Life Gut Relief is gluten-free, vegetarian-friendly, and free from artificial additives, making it a reliable choice for those seeking optimal gut health support.

Key Ingredients

  • Glutamine

  • Quercetin

  • Pectin


Phyba Phlora Phuel

Experience the power of  Phyba Phlora Phuel  , a vegan-friendly formula crafted specifically to support and improve your gut health. This innovative blend contains pre-, pro-, and post-biotic compounds, including organic baobab fruit powder and aloe vera glucomannan, all fermented and produced in Australia. With the renowned Gut Matrix TM  , this formula supports nutrient absorption, aids digestive function, and nurtures a healthy gut microbiome. Backed by scientific research, Phlora Phuel is designed to support your well-being by improving gut health. This formula is ideal if you’re looking for a natural gut health supplement that is vegan-friendly and Australian-made.

Key Ingredients

  • Baobab fruit powder

  • Citric acid

  • Gut Matrix TM 


Evolve L-Glutamine

Support your gut health with  Evolve L-Glutamine  , an amino acid that can benefit your immune system and gut health. Formulated with premium, natural fermented L-glutamine, this formula helps combat muscle breakdown and supports protein metabolism, muscle growth, and gut health. If you’re looking to improve your gut health and immune function, Evolve L-Glutamine is a flavourless option that uses a pure rice-fermented form of glutamine to ensure the highest quality through natural fermentation processes. This flavourless formula is stackable with your favourite supplements and can help you achieve your gut health goals. This natural compound is backed by research to support improved gut health and overall well-being, so you know you can trust what you are consuming.

Key Ingredients

  • Naturally-fermented L-glutamine


The Bottom Line

Maintaining a healthy gut is crucial for overall physical and mental well-being. Incorporating gut health supplements into your daily routine can provide numerous benefits to support digestion, immune system, and well-being. By fuelling with these gut health supplements, you can take a proactive approach towards improving your gut health and work towards positive changes in your overall health.

If you’re looking for more help finding the best gut health supplements to help you improve gut health, we’ve got you covered with our range of probiotics for gut health and the best supplements for gut health. Simply head in-store or reach out online, and our friendly team can help you find the best supplements for gut health. For more on gut health head to our Education Hub.