Resistance Band Booty Blaster


Written by: ASN



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Whether you’re stuck in isolation or simply prefer exercising from the comfort of your home, our Resistance Band Booty Blaster can be performed anywhere, anytime. Suitable for all fitness levels, this resistance-based workout is sure to get your glutes fired and your heart racing.

We know how much our ASN fit fam loves to get their sweat on, which is why we’ve designed a series of quick workouts for you to do from home. At ASN, we believe that we’re stronger in numbers and that there's nothing we can’t achieve if we do it as a team. So, grab your mat and resistance band and join us for a quick at-home Resistance Band Booty Blaster Workout. Better still, join our incredible ASN Life forum for more free workouts, recipes and helpful resources to help support your health and fitness journey.