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No time to warm up - let’s jump straight in. I hope your protein shake is slow-releasing because you’re in for a long read. Want to learn how to take mass gainers? When to take mass gainers? How much mass gainer you should take per day? Best mass gainers in Australia? We’ve got you. Strap yourselves in.

What are Mass Gainers?

Mass gainers are a type of protein supplement that, with a name like ‘mass gainer’, do exactly what you would expect them to do. Mass gainers help you gain mass.

Suitable for various diets and goals, mass gainers are an effective macro-balancing tool that can deliver high calories, protein, and carbohydrates to support your weight-gain goals. One of the most valued features in mass gainers is the caloric content in each serving. Mass gainers can contain up to three times the number of calories than a standard protein powder, making them a practical option if you’re looking to ramp up your daily intake of calories (Dickson, J. 2022).

Mass gainers aren’t just about drinking your calories, though - these formulas are higher in protein, higher in carbs and lower in fats, which is basically your standard macro split when it comes to gaining muscle. Carbs are our primary source of energy and are found in abundance in mass gainers from sources like maltodextrin from wheat, rice and corn, which helps to keep sugar levels low (English, N. 2022).

To make this information easier to swallow, let’s look at an example of a Mass Gainer.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Gainer is a pretty standard mass gainer, and its formula should give you some insight into the blueprint of a standard mass gainer. This formula contains

Types of Mass Gainers

While they’re all standing under the same umbrella, mass gainers can be tailored to different needs like bulking up, building muscle and putting on weight.

You can usually divide these formulas between weight gain and mass gain formulas. When it comes to mass gainers, they generally contain higher quantities of protein than weight gainers and fewer carbohydrates, while weight gainers are dominated by carbohydrates and contain more calories (Robertson, I. 2022).

Weight gainers, as you can probably guess, are more suitable for packing on the kilos and can support you if you’re struggling to put on weight. On the other hand, a mass gainer is more effective for building muscles and may be more suitable if you’re trying to bulk up while strengthening your muscles.

For a mass gainer that targets weight gain, BSN True Mass 1200 is a high-calorie formula that delivers 200g of high-quality carbs and 50g of protein to support serious growth, while Rule 1 R1 Gain is a clean formula that provides 50g of protein and 75g of carbs to support your goals - it’s also great if you’re looking for the best tasting mass gainer. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an in-between mass gainer, International Protein Extreme Mass delivers a balance of carbs and protein to support both lean mass and weight gain.

For a plant-based or vegan option - or something to suit a sensitive stomach - an option like Prano ON Natural Mass can deliver the right nutrients to help you gain mass without causing bloating or stomach discomfort.

If you’re looking for a bit more personalisation, at ASN we have the perfect stack! Build your own mass gainer by stacking Evolve WPI + Evolve Incredible Carbs, and you can control the carbs with flexibility, taking it how you need it. For instance, on heavy training days vs rest days, you may want to alter the amount of carbs you consume.

How to Take Mass Gainers Correctly?

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, we’ll keep it easy and tell you how to take mass gainers for beginners.

When it comes to taking mass gainers correctly, the first question you probably have is when to take mass gainers. Before or after a workout? On training days, taking a mass gainer after your workout is always the best option. While these formulas are high in protein, they aren’t a direct replacement for a post-workout protein shake. You should still take your regular protein shake after training to ensure you’re getting the benefits of all the muscle-growing and repairing nutrients, and take your mass gainer later to support your mass gain goals (Sellers, T. 2023).

Who should take Mass Gainers?

Mass gainers aren’t a one-size-fits-all glove. Let’s take a look at who might use a mass gainer!

The Bodybuilders

Whether you’re bulking up, bodybuilding or building mass in the off-season, a mass gainer can help you reach your goals. For most bodybuilders, you’re trying to increase muscle mass without gaining fat, so it is important to consider your training volume, frequency, and intensity when determining the right mass gainer for your goals.

In general, advanced bodybuilders should consume between 1.6 - 2.2kg per day and focus on consuming a sufficient amount of protein with each meal throughout the day. Dietary fats should be taken moderately, with the remaining daily calories coming from carbohydrates. Meanwhile, in the off-season, you should focus on a slightly hyper-energetic diet of about 20-20% above maintenance calories. The aim should be to gain 0.25 - 0.5% of body weight per week (Iraki, J et al. 2019).


If you’re an extreme powerlifter, we recommend IP Extreme Mass to deliver a balance of carbs and protein - it’s also one of the best mass gainers in Australia. This formula is perfect for bodybuilders, powerlifters and anybody looking to build mass whilst minimising fat gain. Extreme Mass can help you maintain your body weight or increase muscle mass while performing resistance training, sport, or other physical activities.

Max’s Clean Mass is another formula perfect for bodybuilders (if you don’t believe us, just check the graphic on the tub) trying to build massive amounts of muscle. With a 2:1 ratio of their Glycoforce Carb Complex and their Anabolic Protein Blend, this formula offers a higher protein-to-carb ratio that provokes lean muscle growth while restricting fat levels. Clean Mass is also supported by BCAAs and glutamine to help reduce muscle soreness while enhancing muscle growth.



The Fast Metabolism

If you’re struggling to put on weight or have a fast metabolism that prevents you from doing so, you may find a mass gainer beneficial in supporting your weight-growth goals. If you’re a part of this crowd, you might find that you have an ectomorph body type, which means that your body generally has less body fat and muscle, and it can be challenging for your body to gain weight in the form of muscle or fat (Richardson, C. 2022).

If you’re struggling, the best way to approach putting on weight is to first re-evaluate your diet. To put on weight, if you’re struggling, you’re going to want to adopt a diet that is big on carbs & calories, and you’re going to want to add at least 500 more calories to your daily diet. Roughly 50-60% of your calories should come from carbs, while 25% should come from protein and 25% from fats. You should also eat every two to four hours and try to consume energy-dense foods (Netmeds. 2022).

While carbs are king when it comes to putting on mass, protein still matters. You should try to consume 1.6 - 2.0 grams per kilogram of body weight per day for optimal muscle growth, with consideration given depending on how often they train (Payne, A).

There are many determining factors when it comes to reworking your diet. For instance, you need to consider your current weight, height and target weight in determining how much protein you will need. You should also consider your calorie expenditure throughout the day. If you work in an office and aren’t often physically active, you may not need as much protein as somebody working 10+ hour days on a physically-demanding job site. One more thing. It is also important to consider how much time you spend at the gym or exercising in general when it comes to calculating your protein intake.


It isn’t easy to up your calorie intake to the level needed to put on mass; this is where a mass gainer comes in. We recommended IP Extreme Mass to deliver an equal balance of protein and carbohydrates to support your growth goals. If you’re trying to increase how often you eat, this formula makes an excellent meal replacement. Alternatively, ON Serious Mass can deliver 1,250 calories to boost your caloric intake and a matrix of vitamins and minerals to support a nutritious diet. 

On the other hand, bodybuilders who are frequenting the gym for weight training or any other high-intensity training may benefit from Rule 1 R1 Gain, which offers 50g of 100% whey and 75g of carbs, along with BCAAs and glutamine to prevent muscle breakdown and support growth.


Sports players

If you’re an athlete or play a sport like footy, you might be looking to put on some mass. When you’re regularly training and performing day-by-day, your body will generally require more calories and macronutrients to support muscle growth, mass gain and recovery.

According to the Australian Institute of Sports, the daily protein requirement for an athlete is generally increased due to their regular commitment to exercise and to support the synthesis of new proteins. The typical targets for athletes undertaking heavy training are between 1.2 - 1.6 grams per kilogram of body mass daily, almost double the recommended amount for sedentary individuals (AIS. 2021). Elite-level athletes with the goal of maintaining their muscle mass while undertaking targeted weight loss programs should consume between 1.6 - 2.4 grams of protein per kilogram of body mass daily. This is the highest recommendation for protein consumption daily (AIS. 2021).

In addition to increasing your protein intake, elevating your caloric intake is essential if you’re looking to create significant gains in muscle mass. We know it isn’t easy to increase your calorie and carbohydrate intake, especially when you’re training on such a frequent basis. When you don’t have time for big meals, including small snacks and servings of protein throughout the day, particularly post-training, can be an effective way to increase your protein and caloric intake while limiting your body fat percentage. It is also important to consume quality carbohydrates before and after training to fuel you through exercise while preventing muscle breakdown and helping you replenish your glycogen stores so that you can train again the next day (SDA).

Mass gainers can be an excellent option for increasing carbs for energy, endurance during sports and overall protein intake. Mass gainers are easy, quick and convenient methods to increase your intake of critical macronutrients and are suitable if you’re living a training-focused lifestyle. 


For a 50/50 blend of carbohydrates and protein, IP Extreme Mass is a dependable option for training-heavy days that require speed and agility. If you’re looking for more control, combining Evolve WPI with Evolve Incredible Carbs can allow you to control your intake of carbohydrates on training and non-training days while supporting lean muscle growth with minimal body fat.


Lean Muscle Building

When building lean muscle, it is crucial to find the right balance between nutrition and training. There’s no one-size approach to achieving your weight goals, and factors like your goals, body type, age, and training frequency will all play a role in how you should prepare yourself for lean muscle building.

You should look at consuming 8-10 grams of carbs per kilogram of lean body weight each day to optimise your strength and hypertrophy. Consuming complex carbs before and after resistance training is effective and can deliver essential fuel to support your training (Meyer, A. 2023).

Protein is crucial in helping you build muscle, but it is also important to ensure your training suits your goals. Training for weight loss or HIIT is not going to help you achieve your muscle goals, but heavy resistance training can help you increase lean muscle and strength by making your muscles work against a weight or force (Better Health. 2022).


If you’re trying to build lean muscle, you should choose a low-sugar mass gainer formula to support lean muscle mass. Combining Evolve WPI with Evolve Incredible Carbs allows you to make your own mass gainer and control the carbs you consume.

If you're looking to build lean muscle, Max’s Clean Mass formula could be just what you need. This blend of Glycoforce Carb Complex and Anabolic Protein Blend boasts a powerful 2:1 ratio that is perfect for building lean muscle. Clean Mass promotes lean muscle growth and reduces fat levels for fantastic results. For additional support, BCAAs and glutamine are included to aid in muscle soreness and enhance muscle growth. 



Are you spending all day on the job site? If you’re a tradie, you’re probably used to busy, long days on the go, which means you’re likely not fuelling yourself with enough key nutrients throughout the day. You’re probably feeling even less sustained if you aren’t bringing a packed lunch to work.

The best solutions, in this case, are to drink your food. We know it’s not nearly as appealing as takeout, but drop those dirty servo pies and mix up a mass gainer. Why? Because these formulas can deliver the calories and macronutrients you need to perform all day without ending your day with an aching back and sore arms.

The best mass gainers for tradies will contain BCAAs/EAAs and glutamine to support muscle protein synthesis while preventing muscle breakdown after a physical day of labour under the hot sun. While your activity levels may vary depending on your job, be it painting, concreting or laying down the bricks, a formula that contains BCAAs, EAAs, or glutamine can go a long way in replenishing those vital minerals lost during sweat and physical exertion.

As the most abundant amino acid in your body, glutamine is a building block for making proteins and is also needed to make other amino acids like glucose. Mass gainers that contain glutamine can improve muscle growth while reducing muscle wasting and can enhance your recovery process while repairing your skeletal muscles (J, Axe. 2022).

Amino acids can reinforce your performance across a physically demanding day by elevating your energy levels while you work, reducing fatigue so you can still pick up the tools after a well-earned lunch break, and preventing that muscle soreness that kicks in when you get home from the job site.


As you can imagine, your nutritional needs will vary depending on the physical activity of your job. Combining Evolve WPI with Evolve Incredible Carbs allows you to make your own mass gainer and control the number of carbs you consume while replenishing yourself with the essential amino acids.

Rule 1 R1 Gain can deliver 50g of 100% whey and 75 carbs along with BCAAs and glutamine to prevent muscle breakdown and support growth. Alternatively, Evolve Incredible Mass is creatine-enhanced and contains added amino acids for muscle protein synthesis and recovery and Promilin to support glucose uptake.


The Bottom Line

Mass gainers are one of the most reliable and effective supplements on the market when it comes to increasing your intake of key macronutrients and elevating your daily calorie intake. These formulas are a convenient way to help you increase your muscle mass and weight and are effective across a range of different lifestyles and goals.

We hope we’ve answered all of your questions, but if not, our knowledgeable team can help you find the best mass gainers in Australia to support your mass and muscle goals. 


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