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Best Supplements for Gamers in Australia




We know you’re gaming hard, but while your opponent makes their move, give your mind a moment to reset and let us tell you how to fuel yourself with the best gaming supplements.

While that set-up of Pringles, M&Ms and Diet Pepsi may make for a pretty solid gamer pre-workout, we think it’s time you upgrade your character (in real life) and give yourself a stronger power-up!

You’ve probably seen athletes bragging about their protein powders and pre-workouts and every other supplement these gym junkies use to perform… we don’t care about that… what we want to show you is the specific range of the best gaming supplements designed to make your cognitive performance 10x better.

Move your fingers across the keyboard with the speed of a well-practised pianist and hold your left stick steady with the precision of a sniper with the support of the best gamer supps Australia has ever seen.

We know your turn is coming up, so let’s dive into the best gaming supplements Australia has to offer!


Best Supplements for Gamers in Australia

Supplements for the gym? Scratch that. The best gaming supplements for gamers. That’s what we want to see.

Gaming supplements are designed for everybody in the gaming community. Whether you’re running a pricey water-cooled PC setup, a shiny new PS5, an old-school Xbox One, or a trusty Nintendo Switch, this range of the best gaming supplements are designed for gamers like you.

Before we jump into the best gaming supplements, let’s elaborate on why you need these gaming supplements.


The Needs of Supplements for a Gamer

While gamers used to target YouTube walkthroughs, practise arenas, speedruns, repetition, and, though we may not admit it, the occasional cheat codes to improve their gaming performance, a better way has emerged. With e-sports growing and amassing an audience of over 500 million viewers, the desire to improve gaming performance has never been stronger. Thus, out of necessity to improve, supplements for gamers were born.

While you were once told that gaming was a waste of time and that you should pick up a book, gaming has shot up among some of the top sports in the world. Twitch and Discord have spawned armies, and universities are even offering athletic scholarships to gamers. If you’re the best among your mates, you might be able to go even further. Like an athlete conditioning themselves at the gym, prepare yourself in front of the console with the best gamer supps Australia has.

When it comes to gaming, there are three pillars that will define how you perform: Energy, mood, and endurance. These gaming supplements, or gamer pre-workouts, are built with a blueprint that encompasses the best ingredients for gamers.

The most common ingredients in the best gaming supplements include caffeine, which is a well-known compound that can increase focus, concentration and cognitive function. The best gaming supplements will usually contain a balanced dose of caffeine. Additionally, Alpha-GPC is found in the best gamer supplements for its brain-supporting benefits that include memory and learning function. Omega-3s can support brain and mental function, while other vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are often included in gaming nootropics to support your cognitive function, mood, and endurance (CS Lab).

Additional ingredients that are found in the best gaming supplements include L-tyrosine to support focus, memory, and mental performance, vitamin B to improve energy and healthy brain function, Infinergy to increase attentiveness, and TeaCrine to support physical and mental energy, motivation, and decreased fatigue so that you can keep mashing buttons without losing speed (The Genius Brand. 2022).


The Best Supplements for Gamers

If you’ve come back after your turn, or you’re still waiting for the servers to load, stick around for our breakdown of the best gaming supplements Australia has on offer and the most effective gaming nootropics for the differing needs of gamers.

Pause your game, or if you’re battling it out online, save this tab and come back to it when you’ve won that Battle Royale because this guide to the best gaming supplements is going to change the way you play.

Best Gaming Supplements for Boosting Energy

Energy is key. Whether you’ve been online for 8+ hours or you’re speedrunning Minecraft with the Discord gang at 3 am, you’re going to need energy to perform at your best. The best gaming supplements will help you stay awake, focused, and lively so that you’re the life of the Discord voice chat and the heart of a dominant team performance.

These gamer pre-workout supplements boast the best ingredients for energy, including caffeine, taurine, guarana, vitamin B, TeaCrine and more. Among the best gaming supplements and gamer pre-workouts for energy, you will find Gamma Labs G-Fuel, which is a household name for anybody looking to fuel their gaming potential.

Gamma Labs G-Fuel is a household name among the best gaming supplements for gamers and is a fan-favourite energy formula that delivers clean, natural energy without any sugar. G-Fuel is loaded with antioxidants from 19 different fruit extracts and contains an energy-boosting matrix of caffeine to increase focus and alertness, L-tyrosine and acetyl L-tyrosine for mental alertness in stressful situations, vitamins C, E, B6, B12 and more to support energy and focus.

If you’re looking for a hot-shot new gamer pre-workout to help you dominate this weekend’s FIFA Weekend League games, top the leaderboards in F1 23, or help your team to victory in Overwatch 2, Ghost Gamer is the best gaming supplement.

Ghost Gamer is one of the best gaming supplements, designed specifically to promote natural energy, focus and alertness for the serious gamer. This sugar-free formula sports a full-disclosure label and a nootropic matrix of nooLVL, which is a non-stim formula that supports cognitive performance, brain sharpness, and reduced mental fatigue, as well as taurine to help reduce fatigue, and L-tyrosine to support alertness. Other ingredients include CogniZin citicoline, raw coconut water powder, theobromine, and AstraGin to support mental performance.


Best Gaming Supplements for Focus & Concentration

While energy is essential, focus and concentration can be even more important, especially depending on the type of video game that you’re playing. Sure, you can get away with a relaxed performance when you’re playing Minecraft, but if you’re playing an intense and high-pressure FPS, you’re under a time restriction, or you’re going old school with a game of chess, you need the best gaming supplements to fuel the best results.

Whether you’re on a keyboard, a professional Xbox gaming controller, or that beat-up PS3 remote with a broken L2 trigger, you need the best gaming supplements Australia has to offer if you’re going to finally beat your older brother, humble that annoying friend, and top the leaderboards in a 40+ person lobby.

So, what are the best nootropics for gaming? Let’s start with one of the newest players in the gaming nootropics game: LevlUp Gaming Booster.

LevlUp Gaming Booster is a powerful gaming nootropic, making it one of the best gaming supplements designed to help you maximise your XP and optimise your rewards. With a gaming power-up blueprint designed to improve your focus, concentration and alertness, whether you’re playing a quick match or a long campaign, LevlUp’s game-changing formula is like that overpowered power-up that can flip the game in your favour. Think Bullet Bill from Mario Kart. With vitamin B12 for mood and focus, L-tyrosine for concentration, and taurine to help delay fatigue, this gamer pre-workout delivers exactly what you need to perform without any unnecessary ingredients.

Ghost Gamer makes another return to this list, delivering the perfect formula for focus & concentration. This sugar-free formula supports focus and concentration with its full disclosure label and unique blend of ingredients. The nootropic matrix of nooLVL, taurine, L-tyrosine, CogniZin citicoline, raw coconut water powder, theobromine, and AstraGin all combine to help you break your high score and upgrade your armoury and is what makes it one of the best gaming supplements on the market. 


Best Gaming Supplements for Mood and Wellbeing

Don’t forget to keep your mental health in check. When you’ve been on the console too long, and the game isn’t going your way, it’s easy to lose enjoyment. Maybe you’ve been stuck on the same level for too long, maybe you can’t get past that overpowered boss, or maybe you’ve lost eight games in a row on FIFA, and you’re ready to throw your controller through a wall… whatever is damaging your gaming morale, you can combat that negativity with the best gamer supplement for mood and wellbeing.

While the gamer pre-workouts that we mentioned earlier are all effective, the best nootropic for gaming and happy vibes all round is definitely LevlUp Gaming Booster. This formula delivers vitamin B12, L-tyrosine, taurine, and caffeine in a straightforward blend that supports a zen frame of mind, cognitive function, energy, and well-being, making it one of the best gaming supplements out there.

Alternatively, Faction Labs Attention Cheat Mode can alleviate those all-my-mates-are-offline blues with a nootropic blend that contains acetyl L-carnitine for mental clarity and focus, L-theanine for those stressful moments when you think you’re about to lose, alpha GPC for positive vibes, caffeine for energy and focus, and a host of other ingredients that support all of the above, and more. If you're looking for one of the best gaming supplements for well-being, then you've found it.


Best Gaming Supplements for Endurance

When it comes to endurance, you need a strong formula to help you withstand the intense demands of a long-lasting gaming session. Whether you’re mashing A, B, A, A, X, and Y in a row to block an attack from the latest boss, or you’re trying to dodge blasts and snap headshots away in a crowded base in Call of Duty, endurance is the key to survival.

Faction Labs Attention Cheat Mode is ideal for endurance, boasting a blueprint of taurine that may help you delay fatigue and perform longer, caffeine anhydrous and di-caffeine malate to incite energy and endurance, acetyl L-carnitine to support prolonged high-intensity activity, L-tyrosine to support energy and endurance, and L-theanine to support stress response. If you’re planning a long session, this formula is revolutionary.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for an easy fix that can replace your can of soda without you noticing, Gamma Labs G Fuel RTDs can provide the solution. These power-ups are among the best gaming supplements for convenience and impact. With zero sugar, these RTDs are perfect for a quick gaming session or if you’re heading to a friend's house to play as a group. With added antioxidants and vitamins, this formula utilises caffeine, amino acids, and more to support endurance and energy.


Dosage and Timing for Gaming Supplements

When you’re taking these supplements for mental performance, the most important thing is to make sure you’re taking them correctly. The best gamer supps Australia has to offer can inspire the energy, endurance, mental fortitude, and focus required to topple the hardest boss while vanquishing your in-game enemies. It is important to decide what your priority is when gaming in order to choose the best gaming supplements to support your goals.

For example, if you’re playing a game like Mortal Kombat that requires extensive button-spamming to out-fight your opponent, you should opt for a gamer pre-workout that prioritises endurance. If you’re playing a puzzle-based game or simply want to increase your ELO on, you might choose a gaming supp that improves focus and concentration. If you’re playing a game like FIFA, where you seem to constantly lose to last-minute goals, you’re probably going to experience a lot of frustration. Especially when your opponent hits the griffy after a sweaty tap-in. This is where a gaming supplement that supports mood and well-being can be helpful.

It’s important to follow the instructions on the back of the nutritional panel for the most accurate information on when to consume a gaming supplement and how much to consume in one sitting. These gamer pre-workouts are most effective when taken before you start gaming, but it’s best to take them before you turn your console on to allow the benefits to kick in properly. You should also tread carefully when taking too many different supplements. These supplements for gamers contain caffeine, so if you’re also drinking coffee, Red Bull, or other energy drinks, you may find yourself overstimulated.


The Final Level

Don’t just level up your character in-game; level yourself up in real life with the best gamer supps Australia has on offer. Whether you need a gaming nootropic to improve your focus of a gamer pre-workout to upgrade your energy, here at ASN, we have the best collection of gamer supps Australia has ever seen. Grab yourself a power-up and take your gaming rank to the next level.

If you need more information on how gaming supplements can support your gaming performance or still can’t decide on the best gaming supplements to support your video game goals, our friendly team at ASN can help you find what you’re looking for. Just head in-store or reach out online.


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