A Beginner's Guide To Optimum Nutrition


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Whether you’re just starting on your fitness journey, are a frequent flyer at the gym, or are looking to boost your performance in various fitness activities or team sports, you have probably heard of Optimum Nutrition. Yep, we’re talking about the leading global brand that has been manufacturing premium supplements for over 35 years and has taken home the gold medal for both supplement and protein of the year for 10 years and counting.

Keen to find out everything you need to know about Optimum Nutrition’s range of supplements. Let’s get started!

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein

If you’re looking for a high-quality whey protein powder then look no further than the world’s best-selling Gold Standard Whey. To keep it simple: Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey is a fast-digesting protein best-consumed post-workout to enhance muscle recovery and growth.

With each scoop of Gold Standard Whey, it delivers 24 grams of high-quality whey protein blend of WPI, WPC and Whey Peptides, and 5.5 grams of naturally-occurring BCAAs for the ultimate one-stop-shop to muscle strength and repair. Why is this important? Whey protein delivers amino acids to the body, which are the building blocks for muscle growth and repair. As whey is a complete protein source, it contains all nine essential amino acids required for protein synthesis. Whether you’re a bodybuilder, athlete, sporting professional or simply a fitness enthusiast, Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein caters to the high protein demands and goals of all fitness levels.

Gold standard Whey Benefits

  • 24g protein per serve
  • Promotes muscle strength
  • 5.5g BCAAs per serve
  • May support recovery
  • Gluten-free formula

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Gainer

Whether you’re bulking up, bodybuilding or building mass, a mass gainer can help you reach your goals. Queue Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Gainer. This formula is the gold standard in the world of mass gainer proteins, with a 2:1 ratio of quality carbohydrates to proteins for ultimate gains.

It can be difficult to consume enough calories during the day with a busy schedule but in just one serve of Gold Standard Gainer, you’ll get 763 calories, 55g of high-quality whey protein with naturally-occurring BCAAs. So whether you're on the go, need a snack or looking for ways to get in your calories between meals, trust Gold Standard Gainer.

Gold Standard Gainer Benefits

  • 55g protein per serve
  • 750-770 calories per serve
  • 109-116g of carbs from oat, pea & potato
  • Supports gains

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Plant Protein

Whether you’re looking for a delicious plant protein or dabbling into a flexitarian diet, Optimum Nutrition’s newest player to the game is their Gold Standard Plant Protein. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Plant Protein is a premium quality vegan protein that offers numerous health and fitness benefits. Each serving of this plant-based protein powder provides 24 grams of protein, which can support muscle strength and recovery.

It's formulated with a blend of pea, brown rice, and fava bean proteins, providing a complete profile of essential amino acids required for muscle recovery. What’s even better is that this protein contains 0g sugar, making it an excellent choice for those who are mindful of their sugar intake. It's also low in carbohydrates, contributing to its suitability for individuals following a low-carb diet. Each serving includes 2 grams of fibre, which further lowers the net carbs and supports digestive health. Additionally, each serving of this plant protein blend includes 4 grams of naturally occurring glutamine and glutamic acid. These are both beneficial for muscle growth and muscle recovery. The product also boasts a considerable amount of BCAA (branched-chain amino acids), which are crucial for muscle protein synthesis and energy during workouts.

Gold Standard Plant Protein Benefits

  • 24g plant protein per serve
  • 0g sugar
  • Delicious flavours
  • 9 EAAs
  • Gluten-free & vegan

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy

Sluggish when 3pm hits? Need a boost of energy for an afternoon workout? That’s where Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy comes in handy. And it turns out that whey protein isn’t the only product Optimum Nutrition can excel in!

Optimum Amino Energy is one of the most versatile amino acid products on the market, capable of being integrated into your daily routine as a morning pick-me-up (for those who struggle to get out of bed in the morning), a pre-workout (for those who need a little boost in the gym), intra-workout (for those who want to feed their muscles as they train), or to sip on throughout the day to enhance your BCAAs intake.

Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy contains a powerful amino blend and energy blend to deliver essential amino acids to your body to facilitate muscle recovery, while simultaneously helping to support energy and focus to help you power through an intense workout (or final hours in the office).

Amino Energy Benefits

  • Supports energy levels
  • Supports muscle recovery
  • Delivers EAAs
  • Available in delicious flavours

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy + Electrolytes

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy + Electrolytes is a dietary supplement designed to provide a boost of energy, assist in muscle recovery, and provide electrolyte support. It's ideal for consumption at any time of the day, whether you need a midday pick-me-up or a post-workout refuel. And even better, it’s convenience in a can!

Each serving of this product provides 100mg of caffeine derived from natural sources, like green tea leaves and green coffee bean extracts. This caffeine dosage can help support energy and focus, making it a beneficial supplement for those who lead active lifestyles, need an afternoon pick-me-up or need to get through the last few hours of their workday with focus and clarity.

Boosted with 5 grams of essential BCAA amino acids, these amino acids play a crucial role in muscle recovery after exercise, aiding in both the repair and building of muscle tissue. In addition to aiding muscle recovery, this supplement also offers electrolyte support, which is essential for maintaining proper hydration levels and supporting overall physical performance.

Amino Energy + Electrolytes Benefits

  • 100mg caffeine per serve
  • 5g amino acids per serve
  • 5 calories per serve
  • Zero sugar
  • Added electrolytes

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

Serious about mass? So is Optimum Nutrition's Serious Mass. This mass gainer is a high-calorie weight gainer supplement designed to support muscle building and weight gain. If you’re someone who has a high metabolism or struggles to consume enough calories through their regular diet, then Serious Mass might worth consideration.

One of the primary benefits of Serious Mass is its impressive calorie content. Each serving delivers a whopping 1,250 calories, which can help boost your daily calorie intake and create a calorie surplus, essential for weight gain and muscle building.

Serious Mass also offers a substantial amount of protein, with each serve containing 50 grams of blended protein, which aids in muscle recovery and growth. And now for the carbs. Serious Mass contains over 250 grams of carbohydrates per serving, fuelling the body with energy needed for daily tasks, workouts and more.

Serious Mass Benefits

  • 1, 250 calories per serve
  • 50g blended protein per serve
  • 252-254g carbohydrates per serve
  • 3g creatine monohydrate per serve
  • 20 additional vitamins & minerals

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout

No nonsense. Just proven ingredients. That’s exactly what you’ll get from Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Pre-Workout! Whether you’re looking for a new pre-workout or just getting your fitness journey started, Gold Standard delivers both on quality and performance.

In just one scoop, Gold Standard Pre-Workout combines naturally-sourced caffeine, with beta-alanine and creatine monohydrate to support your training regime, no matter how big or small, with energy, endurance and focus. This pre-workout supplement also includes citrulline malate, helping to increase blood flow and nutrients to working muscles. Not to mention, this pre-workout relies on vitamins including B6 and B12 to support energy production, enabling you to perform at your best every workout.

Gold Standard Pre-Workout

  • 175mg caffeineper serve
  • 3g creatine per serve
  • 1.5g beta-alanine per serve
  • 750mg l-citrulline
  • 375mg acetyl l-carnitine
  • Banned-substance tested

Optimum Nutrition BCAA Boost

Optimum Nutrition BCAA Boost is a dietary supplement designed to support muscle recovery and endurance during workouts. It's packed with 2:1:1 branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are essential nutrients that the body obtains from proteins found in food, especially meat, dairy products, and legumes.

Additionally, BCAA Boost contains electrolytes for muscle hydration making it ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who engage in regular, high-intensity workouts and are looking to support muscle recovery and hydration levels. Optimum Nutrition BCAA Boost is a two-in-one formula developed for both intra-workout and post-workout use.

BCAA Boost Benefits

  • 8g BCAAs per serve
  • 1200mg electrolytes per serve
  • 1g l-citrulline per serve
  • Zero calories
  • Zero caffeine
  • 3 delicious flavours

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Casein

Looking for a slow-digesting protein that ticks all the boxes? Look no further than Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Casein. This formula is made from 100% Micellar Casein, and boasts 5 grams of naturally-occurring BCAAs per serve for a truly slow-digesting protein.

As a slow-digesting protein, it gradually releases amino acids over time, providing your muscles with a sustained supply, especially during periods of fasting or between meals. Each serving delivers a substantial dose of protein along with essential amino acids, including branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which play a pivotal role in muscle protein synthesis and recovery. The supplement also promotes feelings of satiety, making it a useful tool for hitting your body goals.

Gold Standard Casein Benefits

  • 24g casein protein per serve
  • 100% of protein from Micellar Casein
  • 5g naturally-occurring BCAAs
  • 1g of sugar & less than 1g of fat
  • Less than 120 calories

Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine

Want to build muscle and increase strength? Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine is a powerful supplement designed to do just that. Each serving delivers 5 grams of pure creatine monohydrate, a compound shown to significantly enhance muscle strength, power, and size during high-intensity training routines.

This product is unflavoured, making it perfect to stack with your favourite protein shake pre or post-workout. It also boasts zero calories and carbohydrates, making it a suitable choice for those on specific dietary plans, including a keto regimen. The micronized powder ensures better absorption and mixing, providing an easy-to-consume product. Optimum Nutrition's Micronized Creatine is available in various sizes, including 300g, 600g, and 1200g servings, catering to different user needs.

Micronized Creatine Benefits

  • Zero calories & carbohydrates
  • Micronised creatine for easy mixing
  • Supports ATP recycling
  • 5g creatine monohydrate per serve

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy RTD

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Ready-To-Drink (RTD) supplements are an excellent choice for those needing a quick and convenient support of energy, focus, and muscle recovery support.

Each serving is packed with 5 grams of amino acids essential for muscle growth and recovery, alongside 100mg of caffeine from natural sources to enhance energy levels and improve focus, during even the toughest workout (or work day). A standout feature is that Amino Energy RTDs have zero sugar and a low-calorie content, offering a healthier alternative to the typical supermarket sports drinks and energy drinks. Used both as a pre-workout and intra-workout drink, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals leading busy lifestyles who need an on-the-go boost can benefit.

Amino Energy RTD Benefits

  • Sugar-free formula
  • Added electrolytes
  • 100mg caffeine
  • 5g amino acids
  • 5 calories