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It’s 7 am on a Sunday. Your alarm rings war, and your blissful rest is ruined. You don’t want to wake up. You’ve had a busy week. You want to sleep in, but there is work to be done. It’s leg day.

You snooze your alarm, close your eyes, convince yourself that you don’t need to train your legs and go to bed that night feeling guilty and regretful. It sounds like you need a bit of fuel.

Leave your excuses in 2022 and get up when your alarm demands it. A good pre-workout can help you shake the early morning sluggishness.

You’re a weapon. Keep reading below to find the right ammo.

Faction Labs Disorder

If your issue is that you lack energy in the morning and have difficulty even getting yourself to the gym, Faction Labs Disorder can reinforce you with razor-sharp focus, energy, and the power to perform.

This fully-loaded pre-workout formula can help you get out of bed, into the gym and, most importantly, into the zone. Boosted with Citrulline malate and Beta-Alanine, this powered-up pre-workout supports increased muscle pumps, power, and endurance. Caffeine Anhydrous, Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Alpha GPC and L-Theanine have been included to give the kick to get started, supporting mood, energy and focus.

Ingredients like Theobroma cacao extract and Synephrine have been added to support fat metabolism, helping you simultaneously chip away at your weight goals as you train.

Start your day with Brown Sugar, and then try to sleep through your alarm.

Evolve Avenger V2

DISCLAIMER: Consuming Avenger will not turn you into one of the MARVEL Avengers.

Ok, now that we’ve cleared that up. Train with Avenger; you won’t turn into a superhero, but you can train like one.

Evolve Avenger V2 is a powerhouse pre-workout that is high-stim and designed to punch with force. If your morning iced latte has you running for the loo, you might want to steer clear of this one. Avenger is a gladiator designed to inspire triumph. This formula harnesses L-Citrulline, Beta-Alanine, L-Tyrosine, Nitrosigne and a mighty portion of Caffeine to destroy fatigue, drive focus and incite the kind of explosive energy that might scare the unknowing stranger.

Turn your PBs into warmups with Evolve Avenger.

EHP Labs Pride

Honestly, Blue Slushie just hits different. There’s a reason this formula is called ‘The King of pre-workouts.’

EHP Labs Pride is a vegan-friendly formula designed to help you exceed your limits and train with intention. This formula contains a nootropic blend and a 5-stage energy release using PentaffeineTM, a unique combination of stimulant ingredients. Caffeine anhydrous, Green Coffee Extract, Yerba Mate, and Green Tea Extract work in conjunction with Infinergy, which can provide a longer-lasting stimulatory effect without any unwanted crash.

This formula contains all 9 essential amino acids to support mood, performance, and muscle preservation while supplying you with the razor-sharp energy needed to shake off that morning slump and get to the gym. Also, the muscle pump is insane.

Dominate the gym with Pride Pre-Workout.

Musclewerks Punisher

You won’t want to leave the gym after a scoop of Musclewerks Punisher. This hard-hitting formula can help you unleash punishment on the gym equipment, sharpening your focus and fuelling your energy.

If you’re dreading a certain session (leg day) and need a concoction to fire you through it with power and aplomb, get your hands on Punisher. This formula uses the most premium ingredients, backed by scientific research, to deliver a raw and unstoppable dosage of energy and power. This formula contains a combination of Caffeine anhydrous and Di-caffeine malate alongside Beta-Alanine, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine to target your focus, energy and alertness, delivering jagged-edged intensity that can electrify your performance and add substance to your goals.

Perform with power, purpose and precision with Punisher.

Raw Nutrition Cbum Thavage

This one is for the real go-getters. The no-nonsense, hardworking, organised, well-rested, driven individuals who know what they want and know how to get it. No syrups in your coffee, no straws in your water bottles and no filters on your Instagram photos. No BS.

Designed by Chris Bumstead, the reigning Mr Olympia Classic Physique winner with 4 consecutive titles (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022), this formula is unapologetic and designed to put you in your place. Cbum Thavage can help you raise your levels, amplify your energy and focus, and combat the tiredness and fatigue that you’re using as an excuse to have another rest day. This formula contains highly trusted ingredients like L-Citrulline, Beta-Alanine, L-Tyrosine, Alpha GPC, and Caffeine anhydrous to support your performance, in addition to Vitamin C, B6 & B12. Thavage supports your immune function, contributing to normal metabolism and optimal cognitive function.

Drop the excuses and pick up your gym bag with Thavage.

OxyShred Non-Stim

If nothing in this entire blog has been relevant to you because you train later at night. Thank you for sticking around; we haven’t forgotten about you. Whether you drink enough coffee throughout the day and want to avoid it in your pre-workout or have an intolerance/dislike for caffeinated beverages. EHP Labs can bail you out of trouble.

If there is one brand that knows how to put together an effective pre-workout: It’s EHP Labs. From ultra-stim, normal-concentration, non-stim, pump formulas and thermogenics, EHP offers them all.

OxyShred Non-Stim is a caffeine-free version of their flagship OxyShred product. This formula is perfect if you have specific weight goals you’re trying to achieve without using Caffeine as a metabolism booster. This blend contains Acetyl L-Carnitine, Hydroxycitric Acid, Theacrine, Raspberry Ketones, and a complex of supportive vitamins and minerals that can support your overall performance and results.

Strive without stimulants thanks to OxyShred Non-Stim.

What Next?

Set your alarm, and set a second. If you wake up tired, power through it. Fill your shaker and stick to your routine. Stop sleeping in on leg day. Fuel up with the right pre-workout for you and power through each workout with energy, drive, and dedication. The results won’t come overnight, but they will come. Keep working.

On the off chance that this list has left you with more questions than answers, reach out online, or head in-store and our friendly and (more) knowledgeable team can help you find the right pre-workout to support your goals.