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Shop 7, 111 George Street
Queensland , Rockhampton , 4700
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At ASN Rockhampton we believe each and every individual is totally unique in many different ways. When it comes to sport, fitness and physical health some of you wish to perform at an elite level in sport, some of you wish to only be amongst friends and fellow family members to show all the hard work you have put in to maintaining a healthy and physically balanced lifestyle and some of you just want to leave it all on the floor in a pile of sweat after a long day on the job. Whatever your desired goal is it does not matter, when it comes to shopping with your local ASN Rockhampton team, every customer that walks in through our doors has our utmost respect and will forever be our number 1 priority.

ASN cater for all, the elderly who are keeping in fit fighting form, to the up and coming younger generation, and the general person who just wants to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, whether that is to help with weight-loss or putting on that beefy muscle, our customers can feel confident when they walk into our store knowing that our team has their best interests in mind and will do all they can to help them reach their full potential. All staff practice what they preach by living a healthy lifestyle through sports supplements, nutrition and also through regular exercise, so you can guarantee our team here can help aid you in your health and fitness journey, along with general supplement plans, as well as training and nutrition plans that will suit your lifestyle and personal needs.

ASN source the best quality products from all over the world to bring you a store filled with the largest range of sports nutrition supplements in the Central Queensland region. With a wide variety of Australian made brands such as Evolve, Body Science, Gen-Tec Nutrition, and ATP Science accompanied by a large selection of International brands such as Optimum Nutrition, EHP Labs, Nubreed, Musclewerks, and Recon Nutrition, just to name a few. Each and every supplement is chosen correctly to suit an individual’s needs, fuelling their body the right way to feeling healthier, happier, fitter and to enhance their training performance followed by optimal recovery. ASN Rockhampton affiliates with many local sporting clubs such as the CQ Capras, local Rugby League Club The Rockhampton North Chargers all the way through to our local Fitzroy martial arts gym. We also support many local businesses offering our quality service by educating their staff and members by affiliating with local gym’s, small businesses & personal trainers so we can reach a broader audience to help educate all persons of the community on just how important living a fit, happy and healthy lifestyle is.

Pop in store to a non-threatening and welcoming environment where we value everyone the same, no matter your goal, body type or personal needs, we will do our best to help increase your knowledge and give you the best tools to reach your desired goal. Join up on our Loyalty Program today to get 5% of every sale back on your account to use as store credit. Make the most of your experience, shop with your retail store and help support us local guys!

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