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Switch your brain on and radiate focus, alertness, and energy, thanks to the promising benefits of L-tyrosine.
  • Promotes focus, alertness & energy
  • Supports mood balance
  • Precursor to dopamine and adrenaline

If you’re looking for a hidden gem ingredient that you can stack with your morning pre-workouts, performance supplements and protein shakes, make sure you choose L-tyrosine. This natural amino acid plays a vital role in maintaining healthy mental and physical performance. Switch Nutrition is ahead of the curb, delivering a 100% pure L-tyrosine blend that supports cognitive function and thyroid health.

L-tyrosine is a precursor to a number of neurotransmitters, which include adrenaline and dopamine, to promote energy, focus, and alertness. L-tyrosine also has the potential to support thyroid health, supporting the production of thyroid hormones that can play a role in your metabolic health.

Switch Nutrition’s L-tyrosine delivers 1 gram of 100% pure L-tyrosine per serving and can play a role in stress reduction. It does this by replenishing norepinephrine stores, which become depleted during times of acute stress. So, why should you take L-tyrosine? Well, it supports cognitive performance and focus, making it perfect if you’re sitting in an office staring at spreadsheets all day. It can improve mood balance and promote stress reduction, so if you’re an under-pressure student, this amino acid could be a game-changer. Alongside its thyroid-balance benefits, L-tyrosine can also support physical performance, making it suitable for an athlete looking to enhance muscular endurance while offsetting fatigue.


Consume 1 - 2 servings per day before exercise or as required.

Mix 1 scoop (1000 mg) in 250 - 350 ml of water or add a scoop to your pre-workout, amino, protein or superfood drink.

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