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Switch Nutrition

Switch Nutrition Inositol

Inositol is a natural carbohydrate that can promote cognitive function, blood sugar balance, and serotonin levels.
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150 Serve


  • May support healthy insulin response
  • May support healthy blood sugar levels
  • Promotes healthy sleep & mood
  • Supports healthy serotonin production

Switch Nutrition Inositol utilises a precise 40:1 ratio of Myo-Inositol to D-Chiro Inositol, which is a natural carbohydrate found in a variety of foods. This carbohydrate is often referred to as vitamin B8 and is naturally found in many plants and animals. It has become increasingly popular, supporting a range of functions from metabolism to cognitive function.

Switch Nutrition Inositol supports mental health and mood regulation, playing a role in neurotransmitter signalling that is vital for mood regulation. Serotonin and dopamine are the main neurotransmitters in question. Additionally, inositol can play a role in neurological function, helping to relay messages between cells in the nervous system.

Among its range of benefits, inositol may play a role in improving insulin sensitivity, hair growth and lipid metabolism by playing a role in the breakdown of fats in the liver, supporting healthy liver function.


Consume 2-4 servings per day before food, before bed.

Mix 1 scoop (1000 mg) in 250 - 350 ml of water or add a scoop to your amino, protein, adrenal or superfood drink.

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Switch Nutrition Inositol
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