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Make the most out of your life and refuse to be ordinary with Faction Labs Uppers! Not only will this powerful product support concentration, focus, and clarity, but improve energy levels, leaving you ready to perform!


Experience unstoppable energy and razor-sharp focus with Faction Labs UPPERS®. This specially formulated supplement is designed to support your energy production and cognitive function. Power through your day and elevate your performance in the gym or any other activity with UPPERS by Faction Labs.

Fuel your body with the high-stimulant pre-workout capsules that are scientifically crafted to boost your energy, focus, and workout performance. Don't settle for ordinary, choose Faction Labs UPPERS and refuse to be anything less than extraordinary.


  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Supports mental and cognitive function
  • Supports energy production and energy levels
  • Supports healthy immune system function
  • Supports healthy stress response in the body

Adults Only: Take 1 hard capsule with water twice daily or as directed by your health professional. 

Doses must be separated by a minimum of 3 hours.

The maximum dosage is 2 hard capsules daily.

This product contains caffeine and is not recommended for children, women who are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or lactating, or individuals who are sensitive to caffeine.

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Faction Labs Uppers