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40 Serve
40 Serve
Lemonade Icypole
Lime Cordial
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Pine Passion
Red Frog Raspberry
Strawberry Kiwi
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Stop waiting for your fortune to change and take control of yourself with this results-driven thermogenic formula by Evolve.


  • Promotes increased focus
  • Supports body goals
  • Supports energy levels
  • Contains matrix of thermogenic ingredients


If you’re a gym veteran, there’s no doubt that you’re familiar with Evolve Pyro. If not, here’s what you need to know: this formula is not here to listen to excuses. Work hard, train hard, get stuck in, and the results will come. Pyro won’t do the hard work for you, but it can give you the cutting edge that your performance might be lacking.

Evolve Pyro contains a combination of powerful performance and physique-supporting ingredients, including L-taurine, beta-alanine, N-acetyl tyrosine, caffeine anhydrous, caffeine citrate, bitter orange extract, TeaCrine®, and grains of paradise to deliver a hard-hitting formula designed to help you reach your goals. These ingredients combine to support clean, sustainable energy without any post-workout crash. In addition, Pyro supports focus, alertness, and overall sharpness, allowing you to stay switched on without distractions when you train. If you’re striving towards certain body goals, this thermogenic pre-workout can help you get there. 

Evolve Pyro is ideal if you’re looking for a thermogenic pre-workout that won’t blow your head off. This formula is medium-stim and suitable for those who aren’t looking for high stimulants. Whether you’re looking for an extra kick during your morning runs or you’re trying to achieve certain body goals, Evolve Pyro can provide the support to help you meet those targets.


    Mix one (1) level scoop in 600ml of water. Do not consume more than one (1) scoop in any 24-hour period.

    This product contains caffeine and is not recommended for children, women who are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or lactating, or individuals who are sensitive to caffeine.


    Evolve Pyro FAQs

    What is in Evolve Pyro?

    Evolve Pyro includes a powerful blend of ingredients to assist you in achieving your goals. This formula features L-taurine, beta-alanine, N-acetyl tyrosine, caffeine anhydrous, caffeine citrate, Infinergy™ DiCaffeine malate, TeaCrine®, and grains of paradise. This potent Thermogenic also contains choline bitartrate, Schisandra extract, bitter orange extract, and Huperzine A. With this combination, Evolve Pyro delivers a hard-hitting formula that can provide the cutting edge you may need to reach the next level. 

    If you’re looking for flavour, Evolve Pyro delivers a range of refreshing and delicious flavours, with crowd favourites like Cola, Lemonade Icypole, and Red Frog Raspberry joined by the unique tastes of Strawberry Kiwi, Pine Passion, and Lime Cordial.

    What are the benefits of Evolve Pyro?

    Evolve Pyro is an effective Thermogenic formula that supports your by delivering a blend of powerful ingredients that can incite a range of benefits to help you achieve your goals. Pyro promotes energy, focus and alertness to support your exercise performance, helping you burn more calories and train at a higher intensity. Additionally, Pyro is an effective formula if you’re trying to achieve specific body goals.

    When is the best time to take Evolve Pyro?

    Evolve Pyro is best taken 20-30 minutes before training or can be taken first thing in the morning to support your energy levels and metabolism. Evolve Pyro is an ideal supplement to take consistently if you’re looking to support your body goals.

    How many serves are in one tub of Evolve Pyro?

    Evolve Pyro delivers great value for money, providing 40 servings of Thermogenic benefits to support your body goals. At the cost of just $1.74 per serving, Evolve Pyro is an affordable and easy way to help you reach your body goals. It can also support energy and cognitive support during workouts or mental tasks, helping you stay alert and focused for longer periods of time. If you’re taking one serving each day, Pyro will last you over a month at a bargain cost that won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

    Can I take Evolve Pyro even when I am not going to the gym?

    Absolutely. While Evolve Pyro can elevate the quality of your sessions, you can still take it without training. Pyro is a great option to take in the morning. Whether you’re training, going for a run, cleaning up the house or settling in at your desk, Evolve Pyro can support sharp focus, energy and alertness to help you function at a high cognitive level. To help you manage your body goals, Pyro can be taken when you’re not going to the gym and supports your energy, satiety and focus.

    Is Evolve Pyro vegan-friendly?

    Yes, Evolve Pyro contains no animal products and is an effective Thermogenic that can help you achieve your body goals while still following a conscious, vegan-friendly diet.

    Can I take Evolve Pyro if I am sensitive to caffeine?

    If you’re sensitive to caffeine, you may want to opt for a Non-Stim, Pump Formula or Low-Stim option. Evolve Pyro contains 150mg of caffeine anhydrous, 25mg of InfinergyTM DiCaffeine malate, and 25mg of caffeine citrate, equalling 200mg total. A standard cup of coffee contains between 80mg - 100mg. Basically, if your morning coffee throws your insides out of wack, you can take a ½ serving of pyro, which will deliver the same caffeine count as a standard cup of coffee. The important thing is to assess your tolerance and decide what works best for you.

    To learn more about how caffeine and other stimulants operate in Pre-Workouts and Thermogenics, check out our blog on What Are Stimulants In Pre-Workout?