Adam Rogers

Occupation: Gym manager & Personal trainer

ASN Store: Richmond


I started out in the fitness industry straight out of school. I have played a number of sports (Tennis, Footy, Basketball, Cricket and Volleyball) through out my schooling years and into late teens. Volleyball was my sport of choice in the latter years playing up to 7 days a week locally and travelling to Melbourne a couple of times a week. I achieved playing at a National level which was where I realized what it to to be a quality athlete and it was at this stage where I knew the fitness industry was what I wanted to be a part of as a career. Apart from my passion for fitness I also love spending time with my Wife Krystal and our two dogs, Koopa and Duke and our families and friends. If I'm not in the gym or with my little family, I'm normally outside working on something on my property, fishing (when I can), working in the shed on my 1964 XM Falcon or having some down time on the computer doing some graphic design work (I also studied Graphic Design which is a passion of mine, I enjoy sketching and bringing it to life on the computer, I find it relaxing)


I'm Currently prepping for the 2016 Arnold Classic Australia. This prep I am trying to tackle it with a more relaxed approach and not worry about it. I found during my "Grow Season" I was relaxed about my diet and my training, still giving it 110%, but relaxed and the result just came... So 2016 I'll be bringing the best version of myself


Breakfast Super green (health care) 100g oats 30g Almonds flax oils 10ml Evolve WPI 12g 2 Egg ( Extra large 59g each) 25g rice cakes (2 thick) I have the eggs on the rice cakes. Post workout 90g Anabolic Injection Green Machine Morning Snack chicken 200g (raw weight) 210g brown rice steamed veggies Lunch chicken 200g (raw weight) 210g brown rice Steamed Veggies Afternoon Snack chicken 200g (raw weight) 300g sweet potato Dinner Roo Steak or Mince 250g (raw weight) veggies 300g sweet potato Dessert Oats 100g Blueberries 150g Evolve WPI 40g Peanut Butter 20g


Day 1 - Chest + Triceps Day 2 - Hammies + Calfs Day 3 - Shoulders Day 4 - Quads + Calfs Day 5 - Back + Biceps


Evolve Green Machine (first thing in the morning, or after fasted cardio) Evolve L Glutamine (first thing in the morning, or after fasted cardio) Evolve WPI (mixed in with my morning oats) Evolve L Glutamine (45 mins before workout) Evolve Creatine Monohydrate (45minutes before workout) Nubreed Whiplash (pre-workout 20mins before workout) 32g Evolve Maltodextrin (Intra-workout) Evolve Damage Controle (Intra-workout) 90g Anabolic Injection (Post workout) Evolve L Glutamine (Post workout) Evolve Creatine Monohydrate (Post workout) Evolve Green Machine (Post workout) Evolve WPI or Gen-Tec custard (mixed in my dessert oats)


My Fitness journey started with a body transformation challenge, completing the challenge was a massive eye-opener that lead me into the lifestyle I have today. I was always the "skinny tall guy" that played volleyball, so one day I made up my mind I didn't want to be that guy anymore

3rd in the Men's Physique, 2013 IFBB Victorian Bodybuilding Champs

3rd in the Men's Physique (Tall Class) 2014 FitX IFBB Bodybuilding Competition


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