Zylaria™: The Solution To A Good Night's Sleep?


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Whether you're a busy parent, shift worker, gym junkie, CEO, stay-at-home mum, or professional couch potato… we ALL need a good night's sleep to function optimally. There's no denying how much better you feel overall after a quality sleep, but the benefits go beyond just mood and energy improvements. From better recovery and healthy immune system functioning to improved concentration, productivity and lowering severe health risks, a good night's sleep is just as important as healthy eating and regular exercise. But many of us still aren't getting enough of it. So, what's the solution?

Say hello to Zylaria™.

What is Zylaria™?

Xylaria nigripes, also known as Zylaria, is a functional mushroom rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential nutrients. Grown underground in dark, damp conditions and loaded with beneficial micronutrients, these unique fungi were initially used in Traditional Chinese Medicine practices centuries ago for many reasons, particularly as a natural sleep aid.

Whether it's due to busy lifestyles, workplace demands, mental and physical stress, illness, or other contributing factors, it's no secret that many battle with dreaded insomnia. Look at these statistics below and see just how many of the general population wake up after a less than average sleep.

Our research suggests that:

10% of people have a chronic insomnia disorder, occurring at least three times per week for at least three months.

15 to 20% of people have a short-term insomnia disorder lasting less than three months.

30 to 35% of people have brief symptoms of insomnia.

Over time, extended periods of insomnia may lead to increasingly low moods, poor memory, mental health issues like anxiety and depression, low immunity, and ultimately a poor state of health. However, research suggests that supplements and foods high in GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) boast calming effects, sleep-encouraging results, and may even help insomnia and anxiety. So, what does this have to do with Zylaria?

This remarkable underground mushroom, as we mentioned, is full of amino acids, in particular, the neurotransmitter mentioned above, GABA. The primary role of GABA is to help the body unwind and relax while neutralising the compounds that express excitement in our brain. Glutamic acid and decarboxylase are also found in Zylaria and are known to have naturally mild tranquilising effects. All of this from a little underground fungus? It's no wonder this incredible ingredient is quickly gaining popularity and making a name for itself as a household must-have when it comes to getting a good night's sleep.

Supplements containing this magic sleep-promoting mushroom have proven to enhance the quality of sleep in people living with insomnia by aiding in resetting the body's natural clock, taking less time to fall asleep, and encouraging a longer, more restorative sleep. Surprisingly, Zylaria does not offer a 'knock out' effect like many other prescription sleep medications do. It also doesn't leave you with those foggy brain side effects that stop many from trying natural sleep aids to improve their sleep quality. Instead, the sleep-promoting nutrients in these fabulous fungi work synchronously with the brain to encourage calmness by sending the nerve cells relaxing messages.

Zylaria™ and Sleep

Grey line: before treatment

Blue line: after treatment

Zylaria™ and Mood

Insufficient sleep often leads to low energy and an even lower mood with poor concentration levels, resulting in long-term depression and anxiety. As a matter of fact, those who suffer from depression, in particular, have been found to have naturally lower levels of GABA, which is why foods and supplements with high GABA content seem to provide positive benefits. Research suggests that the benefits of Zylaria may also positively contribute to depression due to its slower, milder neuro transmitting effects, as opposed to conventional prescription antidepressants, which have more side effects.

As GABA helps to reduce the excitability of the nerve cells, research suggests that Zylariamay also assist in reducing the impact of anxiety, panic attacks, and adult ADHD due to its known ability to promote calmness and relaxation and improve focus and concentration.

Zylaria™ in Sleep Supplements

As this groundbreaking mushroom gains traction as a vital ingredient for encouraging healthy sleep, you may begin to see more of it when looking for natural sleep aids versus medications prescribed by your General Practitioner. Zylaria is known to work well alongside other influential elements like Collagen, Magnesium Aspartate, and 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), to name a few.

If you've tried everything and are still unsuccessful in having a restful sleep, chat with your local ASN store to see which of our many sleep support formulas contain this innovative ingredient!