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Want to feel smarter, more focused and switched on?

For a long time now, we have been searching for something to help us feel switched on, smarter, alert, creative, focused, and overall, feel good!

Coffee often does the trick. However, there comes a point where coffee doesn’t have the same desired effect. It can also raise your heart rate, make you sweat and cost you money, all without giving you the energy and focus you desire!

Fortunately for you, we have some valuable information on a new chapter of supplementation that will take the industry by storm.

Enter the World of Nootropics

You've probably heard of the film, Limitless, right!?

The film touched on the idea that a pill, NZT-48, could unlock our potential. Also allowing us to use our brains' full capacity, recall distant memories and problem solve like Einstein.

Unfortunately, such a pill doesn’t exist - at least not yet. We are getting close in our attempts of creating a supplement which can help us achieve certain aspects of cognitive enhancement. I'm here to share with you everything you need to know about Nootropics and how to use them to achieve your goals.

What Is a Nootropic?

Nootropics are supplements designed to improve cognitive function. More specifically, they improve brain function under stress, increase the efficiency of brain processes, and improve reaction time.

Cognitive function is such a broad term. It spans into many different categories, so allow us to further elaborate on the areas which we'll be focusing on.

Cognitive function is an umbrella term that includes areas such as:

The ability to Focus



Memory recall






So What Exactly Are Nootropics Supposed to Do?

Many nootropic supplements can be formulated toward achieving a specific outcome. Usually the goal is to increase your ability to focus, improve mental alertness, boost your mood and keep your brain functioning at an optimal level during a task.

Unlike the common pre-workout supplements, Nootropics aren’t designed to get you hyped up and get you buzzing, like you’ve had 5 Scoops of the old Jack3d.

Nootropic supplements are designed to have a more subtle effect. Don’t let this fool you though, they are still incredibly effective at providing benefits that a normal pre-workout can not.

What Nootropic Supplements Do You Recommend?

We highly recommend Mental Trigger by Redcon1 when you need a little more of a kick than what a lower stimulant nootropic can provide. We’ve used Mental Trigger on occasions that need more brain power, or when fatigue is high.

With 250mg of caffeine anhydrous and 50mg of Theacrine, Mental Trigger contains a higher amount of stimulant ingredients than other nootropic supplements. And for this reason, you are more likely to ‘feel’ this product working.

There is a definite kick to Mental Trigger. The stimulants, combined with the dopamine and acetylcholine boosting effects of Mucuna Pruriens and Alpha GPC will set you up for a productive and focused few hours.

Mental Trigger can be a great substitute for those reliant on coffee to get them through the day. Half a serving of Mental Trigger will supply ample energy, be more cost effective and provide more brain power than a shot of espresso!

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To Conclude...

Nootropic supplements are usually quite low in stimulants and aren’t designed to hype you up like the typical pre-workout supplements. Nootropics improve a number of different processes in the brain, including cognitive function and alertness. They provide so much more than giving you a quick buzz for a short period of time.

Nootropic supplements can be incredibly effective for use outside of the gym. Their application is much more versatile than a pre-workout and could very well be the future of both mental and physical performance enhancement.

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