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When it comes to training, there is one supplement that constantly flies under the radar. That supplement is amino acids.

Pre-workouts and protein powders are at the top of everyone’s shopping list, but what do you take during training? This is where amino acids are one of the most versatile options on the market. Amino acids make fantastic intra-workout formulas, offering EAAs, BCAAs and, quite often, electrolytes and endurance-boosting ingredients to fuel you through difficult sessions. These formulas are effective before, during or after training and can help you take your performance to the next level.

So, what are Amino Acids?

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins you need for your body to function correctly. These organic compounds are linked together in chains to create a variety of proteins, such as enzymes, hormones, and muscle fibres (Kubala, J. 2023).

Your body cannot produce all the necessary amino acids, so you must obtain them through your diet or supplements. There are twenty amino acids that your body requires to function at an optimal level, and nine of these must be obtained through food.

There are two types of amino acids. Essential amino acids (EAAs), which are the nine that your body can’t produce itself, while the other eleven are produced by your body. Of those nine EAAs, there are three branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) which are found in high-protein foods like meat, eggs and dairy products (Van De Walle, G. 2022).

You must consume a balanced diet that includes quality protein sources to ensure your body receives all the essential amino acids it needs, or find them through amino acid supplements (Kubala, J. 2023).

Benefits of Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and play an essential role in muscle recovery, growth and repair. Supplementing with amino acids can provide numerous benefits and help boost your performance and recovery, whether you’re an athlete or someone who simply wants to improve their overall health.

Amino acid supplements can reduce muscle soreness and fatigue, enhance endurance, promote faster recovery, and increase muscle mass. Additionally, they can help improve mental focus, boost immune function and support healthy gut function. These formulas often contain added vitamins, minerals and electrolytes to enhance your performance and maintain hydration.

BCAAs are incredibly effective when it comes to training, and can support muscle growth, while decreasing muscle soreness and fatigue. This type of amino acid can also combat muscle wastage while supporting endurance and recovery after a session. For this reason, most amino acid formulas will contain a measured dose of BCAAS (Van De Walle, G. 2022).

So, let’s take a look at the top 10 amino acids in Australia.

RCN Amino Corps

RCN Amino Corps is arguably the best amino acid formula in Australia, offering a comprehensive blend that delivers EAAs, BCAAs and electrolytes while enhancing cortisol control, absorption and performance. This over-engineered formula has been extensively researched to optimise muscle protein synthesis, growth, strength, and recovery.

It features a generous dose of clinically-substantiated Amino9® EAAs and additional InstAminos® BCAAs to fuel your muscles, along with KSM-66 Ashwagandha to help lower cortisol levels, boost testosterone, enhance endurance and strength, and accelerate muscle recovery. With a blend of electrolytes and minerals that support hydration, nerve function, muscle contraction, and nutrient uptake, this formula is improved by AstraGin™, which further enhances the absorption of amino acids.

Our favourite features:

  • Full-spectrum amino acid formula
  • Supports performance, recovery & hydration
  • Enhanced absorption

Goal: RCN Amino Corps is optimal for performance & advanced recovery

Scivation Xtend BCAA

Unlock your muscles’ full potential with Scivation’s specially formulated blend of BCAAs. Designed to repair and promote muscle growth, this powerful formula is one of the best bcaas for muscle growth and an indispensable tool for pre, intra, and post-workout recovery.

But that’s not all. Xtend BCAAs do more than just muscle repair. This amino blend is fortified with hydrating electrolytes to replenish your stores during intense training. With zero carbohydrates, calories, or sugar, this high-quality blend is perfect for anybody looking to nourish and repair their muscles without any unwanted additives.

Our favourite features:

  • Promotes muscle protein synthesis & accelerated recovery
  • Loaded with hydrating electrolytes
  • 0 carbs, calories or sugar

Goal: Xtend BCAAs are optimal for rapid recovery and muscle health

EHP Labs Beyond

Looking to maximise your performance and take your training to the next level? Incorporate EHP Labs Beyond into your gym routine because it is one of the best amino acid formulas on the market. With BCAAs, EAAs, and the addition of SENACTIV® Recovery Booster and the Super Focus Blend, this product is specifically geared towards enhancing nutrient recovery, post-workout recovery, and overall performance.

Beyond BCAA + EAA is perfect for individuals who are serious about their fitness goals and eager to elevate their recovery, hydration, and performance. Additionally, the patented SENACTIV'® Recovery Booster, combined with the Super Focus Blend containing tyrosine and huperzine A, further enhances the effectiveness of this product.

Our favourite features:

  • Incites enhanced performance & focus
  • Supports nutrient recovery
  • Promotes muscle maintenance & growth

Goal: EHP Labs Beyond is the best amino option for good performance

ON Amino Energy

ON Amino Energy offers a multitude of benefits that make it an essential tool to add to your stack. Packed with free-form amino acids, including BCAAs, this powerful formula helps fuel your body throughout the day, whether you need a morning boost, pre-workout support, or sustained energy during your workout.

What sets ON Amino Energy apart is its unique blend of natural energy compounds, such as green tea and caffeine, designed to amplify your endurance and focus. Combined with nitric oxide boosters like L-arginine and citrulline, this intra-workout formula is one of the best bcaa supplements available.

Our favourite features:

  • Promotes increased energy & focus
  • Supports muscle recovery
  • Can enhance muscle performance & endurance

Goal: As you may have guessed from the name, Amino Energy is perfect for enhancing your energy

Evolve Damage Control

Evolve Damage Control is a revolutionary recovery matrix supported by scientific research and a potent blend of powerful ingredients. It harnesses the groundbreaking PeptoPro formula, which acts as the ultimate full-spectrum EAA protein accelerator and is one of the best amino acids for recovery in Australia.

This fortifying combination of ingredients works synergistically to promote rapid absorption and exhibits potent anti-catabolic properties. By taking this product, you can empower your body to recover faster, enhance muscle protein synthesis, and maintain optimal performance. Elevate your post-leg-day recovery with Evolve Damage Control, and you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

Our favourite features:

  • Rapid amino acid deliver
  • Promotes accelerated muscle recovery
  • Helps to reduce muscle soreness

Goal: Evolve Damage Control is designed for rapid recovery and reduced muscle soreness

Faction Labs core EAA

Faction Labs Core is a powerful formula designed to support muscle recovery and repair. Packed with EAAs and BCAAs, it’s perfect for taking before or after your workout. But that’s not all - this exceptional formula also includes ingredients that support adrenal function, control cortisol, boost immune function, and hydrate muscle cells.

Alongside the dose BCAAs and EAAs, this formula also includes Acetyl L-Tyrosine to enhance alertness, attention, and focus and ashwagandha to help relieve stress, fatigue, and low energy. Schisandra Chinensis, grape seed extract, and Rhodiola Rosea further contribute to stress alleviation.

Our favourite features:

  • Replenishes electrolytes
  • Supports muscle protein synthesis
  • Promotes healthy stress response

Goal: Faction Labs Core is fantastic for recovery & hydration after training

Red Dragon Dragon Fuel

Take your workouts to the next level with Dragon Fuel by Red Dragon Nutritionals. This advanced formula is designed to provide you with the support you need to achieve your performance goals while optimising your recovery in the aftermath.

It helps prevent muscle breakdown, promotes exercise recovery, and enhances your energy levels for smashing your workouts. With better muscle recovery, you’ll come back stronger every time. Plus, Dragon Fuel assists in long-term muscle gain and replenishes electrolytes lost during sweat and training.

Our favourite features:

  • Promotes muscle recovery & long-term muscle gain
  • Supports hydration & replenishes electrolytes
  • Promotes improved performance

Goal: Dragon Fuel by Red Dragon is perfect for muscle recovery & hydration

Switch Nutrition Amino Switch

Boost your workouts, recovery, and results with Amino Switch by Switch Nutrition. Packed with highly absorbed, vegan-friendly EAAs and BCAAs, this natural supplement is a game-changer for athletes of all levels and is one of the best amino acid options for recovery.

Amino Switch also supports brain functionality, focus, and performance. With essential cofactors, balanced electrolytes, vitamins, and the potent Schisandra Chinensis extract, it’s the ultimate formula to maximise your workout potential and manage healthy cortisol levels. Unlike most BCAA products, Amino Switch contains all 9 EAAs in the perfect muscle ratio, maximising Net Nitrogen Utilization (NNU) to switch on nutrient recovery.

Our favourite features:

  • Supports recovery & performance
  • Perfect ratio for NNU
  • Vegan-friendly & sugar-free

Goal: Switch Nutrition Amino Switch is optimal for recovery

BSN Amino X

BSN Amino X offers a unique amino profile with a scientifically validated 2:1:1 ratio, providing 10g of micronised Anabolic Amino Acid Interfusion per serving. By including this blend in your training routine, you can effectively prevent muscle breakdown.

This formula contains all nine essential amino acids and supports your performance, alertness, energy, and strength during training. It delivers accelerated recovery and helps delay DOMS. With Amino X, you can optimise your workouts and experience the benefits of enhanced performance and muscle preservation.

Our favourite features:

  • Supports muscle recovery & growth
  • Promotes endurance
  • Contains 10g micronised anabolic amino acids

Goal: BSN Amino X is ideal for muscle recovery and combatting DOMS

White Wolf Vegan Essential Aminos

White Wolf Vegan Essential Aminos carefully crafted to support muscle protein synthesis and recovery; our product contains EAAs, BCAAs, and an organic mushroom blend. These ingredients provide all 9 EAAs (Amino9TM) and 3 BCAAs necessary for optimal performance after intense training sessions.

With PeakO2'®, a certified organic blend of adaptogenic mushrooms, this formula helps your body adapt and overcome physical and mental stress. This amino blend promotes increased power and endurance. It contains glutamine for immune support, electrolytes to replenish lost nutrients during workouts, Nordic Cherry™ tart cherry extract to reduce muscle soreness, Curcumin C3 complex for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, as well as Bromelain and Cell Charge to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Our favourite features:

  • Supports muscle recovery & growth
  • Contains an organic mushroom blend
  • Promotes power, endurance and immune function

Goal: White Wolf Vegan Essential Aminos are perfect for performance during intense training

The Bottom Line

If you’re not already utilising amino acids in your training routine, you’re missing out. These formulas are equipped with everything you need to maintain focus & energy, endure arduous training sessions, replenish your electrolytes and maintain your hydration, all while promoting muscle recovery.

If you need more information on how amino acids can support your performance or still can’t decide on the best amino formula to support your training, our friendly team at ASN can help you find what you’re looking for. Just head in-store or reach out online.


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