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If you’re a coffee enthusiast who prides yourself on knowing all there is to know about your morning brew, you’ve no doubt tried, or at the very least, heard of Body Science’s game-changing Clean Coffee, right?

Designed to help promote natural energy production, enhance cognitive function, increase mental focus, improve stress management, increase metabolism, enhance mood and boost gut health, Clean Coffee TX100 is jam-packed with all of the goodness your body requires to ramp up your mental and physical performance, inside and outside of the gym. Have we got you intrigued? To find out how you can get more out of your daily coffee routine, read Accredited Dietitian and Body Science Athlete, Harriet Walker’s BSc Clean Coffee review below.

What is Clean Coffee?

Clean Coffee takes your regular morning cup of coffee and makes it better. Body Science has developed Clean Coffee to contain a range of specially selected functional ingredients to enhance cognitive function and overall health.

But, how? The coffee base is a single-origin Colombian coffee blend that has been naturally sweetened with a touch of Thaumatin, a sweet-tasting protein extracted from the tropical Katemfe fruit. Each sachet of Clean Coffee contains a standardised caffeine dose (120mg) and a therapeutic dose of lemon balm extract, Bluenesse©, which has been clinically tested for its ability to enhance mood, concentration and working memory.

Apple cider vinegar is suggested to improve blood sugar regulation, gut health and feelings of fullness, which can assist with weight management. However, a common complaint is the taste, which is why Clean Coffee contains apple cider vinegar’s incredible benefits, minus the sour taste. To assist with boosting energy, Clean Coffee contains MCT oil, a type of fat which, due to it’s more simple structure, is easily used as energy by the body and is especially useful for those following a low carbohydrate or keto diet.

Why it’s the next big thing

Clean Coffee is a functional beverage that takes the known health benefits of coffee and raises the bar, with the inclusion of clinically tested compounds, such as the calming and memory-boosting Bluenesse© extract, apple cider vinegar and MCT oils to maximise your morning health routine.

Functional foods are about taking food you may usually enjoy daily and enhancing its properties. As the research on the neuroprotective and enhancing properties of foods, herbs and other individual compounds advances, there is a very exciting opportunity to harness these findings to create innovative health products. Body Science has been a market leader in this area, working alongside the companies developing the clinically tested compounds to ensure that the ingredients are true to label and at a therapeutic dose.

Metabolism-boosting ingredients – what they are, how they work and why they're beneficial

Amongst the health-enhancing ingredients of Clean Coffee, two main components can help to boost your metabolism:


Caffeine is well known for its metabolism-boosting and fat mobilising properties. It increases the metabolic rate by increasing heat production in the body and also ramps up the production of the hormone, adrenalin, which further increases energy output. It is believed that doses between 100-200mg of caffeine can increase metabolism in the hours after consumption, which may assist those trying to lose weight in combination with changes to diet and increased exercise. Beyond the thermic effect, caffeine also helps you feel more awake and reduces feelings of fatigue while exercising, which makes Clean Coffee a great natural addition to your pre-training routine.

MCT oils

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) are readily used as energy by the body and are also suggested to assist with weight loss. Although the picture is not fully clear, it is believed their addition to a healthy calorie-controlled diet can help with weight loss by increasing daily energy expenditure and by increasing the feeling of fullness when added to a meal, thus helping to reduce your daily calorie consumption.

Clean Coffee is an easy substitute for your usual daily cup of coffee (hot or cold), while providing a host of additional health benefits. Plus, the sachets are convenient and perfect for transporting effortlessly, whether you’re travelling, at work or hitting the gym.

Enjoy Clean Coffee cold with your milk of choice and a handful of ice

Mix with a scoop of Body Science Ultra Whey and a banana for a delicious pre-training snack

Spike it with a touch of vanilla paste and mix with oat milk for a creamy sweet afternoon treat

Stir half a sachet through your morning oats for a delicious coffee hit

About Harriet Walker

Harriet Walker is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Accredited Sports Dietitian with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Nutrition, Diploma in Leadership and Management and a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. Across five years in private practice, Harriet has worked with over 500 clients one-on-one, ranging from grassroots athletes to Commonwealth Games Gold Medalists and is the consulting Dietitian for Body Science - one of Australia’s most trusted sports supplement brands.