Psa To Parents With Fussy Little Eaters: Nutra Organics Has Got You!


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Throughout childhood development, it's common for families to face resistance when it comes to encouraging their little ones to eat healthy and nutritious foods. Sound familiar?

Our favourite fussy eaters will often change their food preferences overnight, leaving mum and dad concerned about whether or not their children are getting enough nutrients to support their growing bodies. If this sounds like you, keep reading!

Introducing the Nutra Organics Superfoods for Kids Range! Unlike many other kids' health supplements, Nutra Organics have ensured their kids' range retains the highest amount of nutrients due to the refracting process where ingredients are gently dried into a powder for quality absorption. Using premium, organic, and wholefood components to create a nutrient-rich alternative for little growing bodies, the Nutra Organics Superfoods for Kids Range could be the support you need to ensure your fussy eaters are meeting their daily nutritional needs comfortably, especially on days when they're refusing to eat anything other than chicken nuggets and toast!

Sustainably packaged in recyclable plastic-free canisters, Nutra Organics has designed their health-boosting kids range to not only benefit the health of your little ones but benefit the environment with their eco-conscious, 100% recyclable packaging. Did we mention taste? Sneaking natural nutrients into your child's meals has never been undetectably tastier or easier with these innovatively designed kids' supplements. You'll just have to see for yourself!

Roll call… Let's meet your kid's new health-boosting best buds!

Veggie Hero

Veggie Hero is here to save the day for the parents out there who have daily mealtime standoffs when it comes to getting those veggies in!

Full of vitamins and free from nasties, your kids will have no idea they are getting a heroic blend of 15 veggies, fruits, and superfoods in a single serving of Veggie hero! Easy to hide with its undetectable texture and flavour, add a serve of Veggie Hero to your kids' meals, smoothies, juice, or just about anything for the ultimate daily veggie boost!

Packed with 18 bioavailable vitamins and minerals from organic whole foods: sweet potato and pumpkin, kale, broccoli, spinach, sunflower seeds, chlorella, kelp, maitake mushroom & shiitake mushroom. Including Vitamins A, C, D, E, B plus Zinc, Folate & Iodine, Veggie Hero has been formulated to support your child's immunity, growth, and energy from the inside out!

To find out more about Nutra Organics Veggie Hero, click here.

Berry Immune

Are you constantly battling colds with your little warriors? Parents, we've got your back! In the Nutra Organics Superfoods for Kids Range, you'll find a deliciously sweet immunity protecting powder to sneak vital immune supporting elements into your child's smoothies and juices. Winning!

Berry immune offers a bioavailable blend of Vitamin C and Vitamin D, Zinc, Iron, and prebiotic fibres from Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn, Echinacea, and nine super berries to support your child's immune system, offer protection with vital antioxidants, support growth, development and gut well being as well as energy. What more could you want!?

Berry Immune has been formulated with essential nutrients to support your child's health all year round, free from artificial nasties, gluten, and refined sugars. Simply add to smoothies, juices, yoghurts, porridge, ice cream, pancakes, and more for the ultimate undetectable immune support.

To find out more about Nutra Organics Berry Immune, click here.

Choc Whiz

There's no denying the positive effects of healthy, nutritious food when it comes to brain health. Of course, we want our kids to get the nutrients they need to support their cognitive functioning as they develop, but as we know, getting enough of those vital ingredients can be challenging even on your best days. Welcome...Choc Whiz!

Ok, hands up whose child LOVES chocolate milk! Nutra Organics have nailed this brain-boosting chocolate flavoured supplement and formulated it with key cognitive enhancing ingredients to support those little brains through their critical developmental stages. Choc Whiz also boasts gut health-supporting elements for happy tummies with the inclusion of 1 Billion CFU Prebiotics. But that's not all… In one serving of this delicious choc drink, you'll find bioavailable Magnesium, Calcium, Omega 3 DHA, Iron and Prebiotics to support cognitive function and wellbeing, energy and gut health, healthy teeth, and bones, as well as growth and development.

Your little ones can enjoy Choc Whiz hot or cold mixed with their favourite milk or milk alternative. Sprinkle it on top of ice cream or yoghurt and enjoy all of the fantastic benefits of this refined sugar-free, power-packed formula!

To find out more about Nutra Organics Choc Whiz, click here.

Full of the good stuff, get past your veggie detectives with ease with Nutra Organics Superfoods for Kids Range available online and in-store now at ASN!