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Have those post-weekend blues finally kicked in after a few too many days of partying? Say no more, we’ve got the perfect liver detox for you!

Whether you’re feeling dusty after too many cold ones or sluggish after inhaling 90% of the weekend’s food supply, it’s no secret that your liver is the first to wear the damage after a few too many days of 'living your best life' and putting your health temporarily on the back burner in the name of beer and processed food. However, as the largest organ in your body, there’s no denying that the condition of your liver plays an important role in determining your overall health and functionality!

With the average modern day lifestyle and diet unwittingly rifled with toxins that gradually build and place unnecessary stress on the liver, finding a solution that will help you to improve the health of your liver is key to unlocking optimal performance and functionality across all areas of your life. Simply put, when your liver is operating at 100%, so too will the rest of your body. So, what’s the miracle cure for a liver that needs some serious TLC? While we certainly don’t believe in miracles, this is the next closest thing... *drum roll* Introducing: Code Red by MuscleWerks!

What is Code Red & how can it help restore your liver to its former glory days?

Code Red is a potent liver cleansing and detoxification supplement designed to gently remove unwanted toxins and fats from the body, which in turn lowers the load on your liver, which allows it to enhance its contribution to other important functions in the body. Boasting a range of benefits to your internal health and performance, Code Red has been carefully designed to:

Help promote healthy liver function

Support detoxification

Reduce internal stress

Remove bacteria, chemicals and toxins from the body

Why should you add Code Red to your list of supplement staples?

Did you know that your liver is responsible for more than 500 vital functions in your body? Nope, that wasn’t a typo - That’s 5-0-0 functions. As your body’s largest internal organ, your liver plays an important role in:

Producing many of the chemicals required by your body to function normally

Breaking down and detoxing harmful substances that enter the body - including alcohol, chemicals, and other drugs.

Acting as a storage unit for the vitamins and chemicals required as building blocks for optimal health and functionality.

Producing glucose, which is a sugar that your body can use for a quick burst of energy.

However, alcohol gives your liver extra work to do that takes it away from focussing on its other importation functions. Once alcohol enters your system, your body automatically prioritises metabolising the substance above processing anything else. Wondering why? Unlike carbs, fats and proteins, your body is unable to store alcohol, which means it automatically takes the front of the ‘metabolising’ cue.

One of your livers 500 tasks is to detoxify and remove alcohol from the blood once consumed. Once ingested, alcohol is broken down in the digestive system and absorbed into the bloodstream. At which point, the liver produces a toxic substance called Acetaldehyde to digest the alcohol due to the extremely high blood alcohol concentration present in the liver. However, in doing so, Acetaldehyde also destroys vital liver cells, which can potentially lead to a number of health-related concerns, including alcoholic liver disease and inflammation.

The solution? With the introduction of MuscleWerks Code Red, maintaining the health of your liver and the functionality of your body’s largest internal organ is easier than ever before. For the ultimate anti-hangover and liver-protection supplement, we've got you covered. What are you waiting for? Buy Code Red online + in-store at ASN. AfterPay available!