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Maybe you’re sick of milky protein shakes? Or maybe you just love a fresh and fruity ice block but with a healthy twist? Combining bursts of fruity flavours with nutrient-dense ingredients including Collagen, BCAA’s and Protein, we’re taking your basic ice block to a new and innovative level.

Keep reading to see our super simple and healthy protein water ice block recipe using Muscle Nation’s Protein Water!


Makes 6 ice blocks

2-3 scoops of Muscle Nation Protein Water

600ml water

Optional add-ins: chopped fruit


  1. Mix 2-3 scoops of Muscle Nation Protein Water with 600mls of water in a shaker and shake until combined

  2. Optional: You can add a few pieces of chopped fruit to the bottom of your ice block moulds

  3. Pour protein water evenly into each mould and place into the freezer or until set

  4. When you are ready to enjoy, run some warm water over moulds to easily pop ice blocks out

  5. Enjoy!

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