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If you’re a competing athlete or find yourself working in an industry where banned substances aren’t your friend, using HASTA certified supplements is the best way to stay safe while still using supplements to support your nutrition and performance goals.

Supplements can play a pivotal part in your training and nutrition plan, yet when you aren’t careful, those products that you utilise to enhance your performance can end up damaging your career. (Yee, R. 2018).

And it’s not just athletes that have to worry. If you work with the emergency services, in the military, in the mines, or in a field that requires drug testing, then consuming the wrong supplement could make you fail that next test. Every year athletes and professionals at all levels have their careers damaged and their reputations tarnished after unknowingly consuming banned substances and testing positive for prohibited substances.

If you’re ever in doubt about what you’re consuming - look for the HASTA stamp of approval on the product label before purchasing.

Now let’s get into what that HASTA seal of approval means!

What is HASTA?

HASTA stands for Human and Supplement Testing Australia, and they are the first commercial product testing organisation for WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency).

HASTA is recognised Australia-wide and provides independent testing and certification of supplements to ensure that athletes and any drug-tested employees are protected as well as possible when consuming sports supplements (HASTA, 2018).

While no product can ever guarantee complete safety from flagged substances, using HASTA certified supplements can significantly lower the risk of consuming prohibited substances.

What does HASTA do?

With supplements widely available, from our ASN stores to your local supermarket, to the strange man down the alleyway, it is more important than ever to ensure that what you are consuming is HASTA certified for competitive use.

According to research, one of the risks that athletes face when consuming supplements is that the ingredient lists don’t always match up to the product contents. This can make it difficult for athletes to ensure they are always consuming safe products and for Sports Integrity Australia to guarantee that any supplement batches meet the WADA guidelines (Sport Integrity Australia. 2022).

This is where HASTA does its part, testing supplements against more than 200 WADA-prohibited substances to ensure that professional athletes, emergency service workers, military figures, miners and other drug-tested professionals are as safe as possible when choosing their products (Henderson, S. 2021).

The difference between ‘batch tested’ and ‘certified’

While ‘batch tested’ and HASTA certified' might sound similar and interchangeable, it is essential to understand the difference between these two titles to make the best decisions when shopping for supplements.

 Let’s break them both down:

HASTA Certified:

HASTA certification is the most complete and reliable stamp of approval that you can find on a product. As mentioned earlier, it means that a batch is tested for over 200 WADA-prohibited substances while also maintaining that once a product is certified, it will continue to be tested to ensure that it sustains that certification.

HASTA certified means that every product batch has been thirty-party tested, manufacturing processes have been vetted, and batch numbers & expiry dates appear on the HASTA website. Only then do HASTA permit their products to display the ‘HASTA Certified’ logo on their products (Batch Tested).

HASTA Tested:

HASTA testing means that only select batches are third-party tested while manufacturing processes are not inspected. Batch numbers & expiry dates are also not required on the HASTA website, meaning the quality of the tests is less comprehensive than those that are fully certified (Batch Tested).

What supplements are HASTA approved?

It can be challenging to navigate between which supplements and brands are HASTA certified, but we’ve taken the stress away with a range of HASTA-certified products that you can find in our HASTA Approved category on our website.

From Body Science's delicious K-OS Pre-Workout to an Athlete Standard Whey Protein, Body Science are the leaders in the industry when it comes to finding the best HASTA certified supplements to favour your goals and propel you towards success, whether in the gym or on the job.

Body Science Athlete Standard Whey Protein

Our HASTA Approved category has equipped you with everything you need to smash your goals while considerably lowering the risk that you will consume any WADA-prohibited substances.

If you want to enhance your strength and muscle gains, BSC Pure Creatine is the supplement for you! If you want to boost your collagen synthesis to prevent injury or improve recovery, try BSC Collagen Regenerate. From a Hydroxyburn Shred thermogenic to an Essential Amino BCAA Fuel, our HASTA Approved section offers a comprehensive range of HASTA certified products to help you shatter your goals and take your performance to new heights.

If your job drug tests you, we have your back with HASTA certified supps.

Long story short.

A HASTA-certified stamp on your supplements can make the difference between consuming WADA-prohibited substances. If you’re a professional athlete or even somebody who works in an industry that tests for substances, like a government job or a military role, it is imperative to ensure that you are safe from testing positive for banned substances. The last thing you want is to lose your position or damage your reputation over an innocent error.

With a HASTA certified range of products at ASN, you can consume the highest quality supplements without the stress of potential consequences.

If you need help finding the right product for your needs or are looking for more information, our friendly team will help you find the best HASTA certified supplements. Otherwise, you can head to our HASTA-approved collection here.


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