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Looking for a safe way to level up your gym sessions? Or perhaps you’re ready to kick your home workouts up a notch? Or maybe you’re a beginner and don’t feel comfortable lifting weights yet? If this sounds like you… Keep reading!

Let’s talk resistance bands...

Whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey or have been training for a while, resistance bands are a valuable and effective way to support your body goals with little need for additional fitness equipment or even a gym!

What do resistance bands do, and why should I use them?

By providing constant tension to the muscle, resistance bands aim to activate and stimulate the muscles without excessive load from weights that may compromise connective tissues and joints. But, if you think using resistance bands on their own is the easy way out... Think again! Based on your strength, these thick rubber bands have various resistance levels for deep core activation, stability, and resistance.

Resistance bands are incredibly easy to incorporate into your pre-existing exercise routine or can be used on their own without weights for resistance or assistance! Versatile, durable, and so simple to use, these bands can support your body goals, whether it be strength, building, toning or recovery, rehabilitation, and stretching. The benefits are mind-blowing. You’ll wonder why it’s taken you so long to jump on board the resistance band train!

Benefits of using Resistance Bands:

1. You don’t need a gym to achieve your strength goals

One of the best benefits of these durable bands is that you can use them ANYWHERE. That’s right. There is no need for a gym membership or stressing about finding a nearby gym if you are away on holiday or traveling for work. Resistance bands are lightweight, portable, and can go wherever you go.

2. They are affordable

A gym membership or home workout equipment can set you back hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars each year. In contrast, a set of resistance bands is a small investment with infinite return!

3. You can achieve a full-body workout

Resistance bands are designed to give you more exercise options and variety. With different resistance levels for varying muscle groups, a complete set of resistance bands can work all muscle groups without the need for additional equipment. Or, adding that extra resistance to your equipment at the gym may level up your performance and further support those body goals.

4. You also use stabilising muscles

Particularly with overhead exercises like tricep extensions, for example, core activation is necessary to perform the movement with stability. Recruiting stabilising muscles to ensure steadiness will have you simultaneously activating your core, improving form, and stability!

5. Great for rehabilitation, stretching, and mobility

As resistance bands are lightweight and controllable, they can be used for rehabilitating muscles and joints post-injury. Resistance bands can target specific muscles without putting strain on joints or problem areas, allowing the person to use increased control and ease while working towards improved mobility.

Get in a good post-workout or rest day stretch with your resistance band. Work on your range of motion and flexibility without needing a second person to push, hold or pull for an optimal stretch!

6. Great for older people

The aging process and general wear and tear can make exercising a little more challenging for older adults. The use of resistance bands can introduce a safe, practical way of improving strength, stability, and mobility, which is essential to maintain as you age.

As you can see, the benefits of resistance bands are significant! Not only are they easy to learn how to use, but resistance bands also encourage safety and improved form as you work towards your body goals.

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