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If there's one thing that's been on the rise over the last year or two, it's the development of vegan-friendly supplements, mainly health and recovery supporting vegan protein powder. Whether for dietary purposes or to boost health, or to try something new, we know that nutrient-rich plant-based protein powders are a hot trend, and for a good reason.

When it comes to recovering from a challenging workout, there's no denying the significant benefits amino acid-rich protein offers to the body in support of recovery and the maintenance and growth of muscle mass. It's a staple for those with muscle and body goals and with so many new protein supplements on the market nowadays, choosing a suitable vegan protein powder for your individual needs can be challenging. That's why we've done the hard work for you! We've filtered through the epic list of plant-based protein powders and brought you the top five vegan proteins to support your recovery. With ‘Veganuary’ well and truly upon us, it makes sense to delve into the top 5 vegan protein supplements of 2022!

1. Body Science Clean Plant Protein

Even if you’re not familiar with the protein market, you’ve likely heard of Body Science’s hugely reputable and widely adored Clean Vegan protein. So, what makes this plant-based protein powder so special? First of all, this protein powder is 100% vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and additive-free, as well as being better for the planet too. Made with sustainable plant sources and packaged in sustainable eco-packaging, you can now truly do your part for the environment with Body Science’s Clean Plant Protein. Developed with 30.6g of certified organic plant protein (10 different sources to be exact), 4.3g of carbs, 8g of fibre, and added digestive enzymes and natural sweeteners. All of these incredible ingredients combined into one delicious tasting shake necessary for tissue building and repair, so you know once you've completed that hard-hitting workout, your recovery is taken care of. For more on this crowd favourite, check out the additional points below:

30.6g of protein

4.3g of carbs

8g of fibre

100 vegan


Organic food

No dairy, eggs, sugar, soy, gluten, filler and gum, GMO, peanuts and trans fat

Contains digestive enzymes

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2. Evolve Vegan Protein

A premium plant protein from a premium brand, Evolve has hit the mark with their Evolve Vegan Protein.

This five-star formula is all about helping your body thrive post-workout and in-between meals. This plant-based protein is gluten-free, dairy-free and contains nothing artificial. Evolve Vegan Protein is a fantastic substitute for whey protein and is fast-digesting and high in fibre.

This formula is fuelled by a naturally defatted peanut protein full of amino acids and combined with pea and rice protein courses to deliver a complete protein blueprint. Loaded with healthy fats sourced from coconut milk powder and a generous dose of MCT fats, this protein can contribute to the growth of muscle mass and the maintenance of normal healthy bones.

Evolve Vegan Protein is also a fantastic option for those needing a tasty and convenient meal on the go, owing to the nourishing properties that make it the ideal meal replacement. Add your favourite plant-based milk, nuts/seed, and fruit, or have it on its own with water for a smooth, grit-free snack or low-calorie meal.

3. White Wolf Vegan Natural & Lean Protein

Having specific plant-based dietary requirements can seriously limit your options when it comes to taste, texture, and quality… until now! White Wolf Vegan Natural & Lean Protein is a go-to vegan protein choice for many due to its sports performance benefits, variety of fun flavours, and unique tri-blend of organic pea protein, pumpkin seed, and watermelon seed protein. Containing 22.7g of protein, only 2.2g of total fat, only 0.8g of saturated fats, and only 105 calories per serve, White Wolf Vegan Natural & Lean Protein is here to support nutrient and muscle recover, while complementing your weight goals thanks to its low-carb, low-sugar formula. Keto-friendly, filler/gum-free, and no added gluten or dairy, what more could you want from a high-performance and undeniably delicious plant-based protein source?For more on this low-calorie, plant-based protein powder, check out the points below:

Only 105 calories per serve

Vegan-friendly and keto-friendly


Contains 22.7g of protein, only 2.2g of total fat, and only 0.8g of saturated fats

Available in 8 delicious flavours - Caramel Swirl, French Vanilla, Coconut Rough, Choc Malt, Banana Cinnamon, Choc Mint Crisp, Strawberry Cream, and Peanut Brittle!

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4. Macro Mike Peanut Plant Protein

When it comes to a vegan-friendly protein that lives up to the expectations, it's the all-inclusive Macro Mike Peanut Plant Protein! With 25g of complete protein per serve, it's no wonder Macro Mike's amino acid-rich Peanut Plant Protein is a favourite to many plant-based athletes and fitness enthusiasts across the board! With a perfectly balanced blend of peanut, pea, and brown rice protein, this vegan-friendly, gluten-free plant-based protein powder offers a deliciously creamy-textured peanut flavoured protein shake ideal for post-workout nutrient recovery. But, the goods don't stop there. Macro Mike's Peanut Plant Protein also includes a probiotic (1 Billion CFU) to nurture easy digestion and gut health, 100% natural ingredients, and a comprehensive amino acid profile. Check out the points below for more on this highly sought-after recovery formula:

147 calories per serve

25g protein per serve

Gut-friendly formula

Available in 2 different sizes and a huge variety of tasty flavours!

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5. Phyba PLNT Protein

If you’re looking for a breakout star on the plant protein scene, Phyba PLNT Protein is that star.

Built with an innovative custom Gut Matrix™, together elite athlete James Newbury and naturopath Matt Legge, created this postbiotic paragon contains 22g of organic pea protein per serving which is formulated alongside watermelon seed protein, sunflower seed protein and pumpkin seed protein.

PNLT Protein is Australian-made and can support healthy digestion and utilisation of nutrients while helping you work towards your muscular goals. This plant protein is far from ordinary, containing an amino acid profile that includes all of the essential amino acids, which have been derived from a blend of legumes and seeds.

Low on calories and macro-friendly, PNLT Protein comes in a range of delicious flavours that can support your muscle and strength goals while revamping your recovery.

If you've been thinking about trying a vegan protein powder, take your pick! From their gut-friendly, nutrient recovery benefits to their versatility in vegan protein sources, added vitamins, minerals, and nutrient-rich botanical ingredients, it's no wonder many are making the switch to support optimal health, wellness and performance.