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There’s nothing quite like kicking a new year off with new goals, healthy habits, and good intentions; however, when it comes to setting those goals, it’s easy to set yourself up for failure by implementing too much change too soon. Keep your intentions clear, simple, and achievable with these five healthy habits to kickstart 2022.

1. Challenge Yourself

Hit the ground running in 2022 with a new challenge. Whether it be a fresh style of training, health and fitness challenge, program, etc., expand your current abilities by adopting something fun and challenging yet manageable. If weight goals are a focus for 2022, accompany your new training program with Evolve Pyro, a game-changing thermogenic supplement formulated to support your mental performance and weight goals.

2. Improve Your Gut Health

Gut health goes beyond just food and digestion. It contributes to a strong immune system to ward off illness and disease, supports healthy cognition, energy levels, nutrient absorption, and so much more! Implement simple and easy changes like increasing your water, consuming fermented foods, introducing a probiotic, and reducing sugar levels if they’re a little excessive. For more gut health support, pop into your local ASN store for a friendly chat and valuable recommendations!

3. Level Up Your Nutrition

Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating boring! Think of food as fuel. Each time you eat, you’re topping up your tank to optimise your energy, health, and wellness. Mindful eating and simple swaps can be as straightforward or complicated as you choose, but if you’re anything like us…we prefer to keep things as simple as possible! For some mouth-watering meal inspo, check out our ASN Life Platform and discover our range of nutritious yet delicious meal options and training programs for all the support you need to kick off 2022 with some fresh, healthy habits.

4. Manage Stress With Movement

We all experience bouts of emotional and mental stress from time to time, which can throw us off track from our goals and disrupt the daily habits we’ve worked so hard to create. Poor stress management can lead to several significant health issues from broken sleep, stomach troubles, mental health, and weight gain. Manage stress with movement by going for a walk or engaging in your favourite physical activity to get those endorphins flowing while enjoying the benefits of fresh air and a moment to yourself to clear your thoughts. A healthy mind equals a healthy body!

5. Stay Hydrated

No matter your 2022 health goals, one thing is for sure: keeping adequately hydrated is only going to support your health that much more! The benefits of a well-hydrated body are endless, from increasing energy and relieving fatigue, flushing out toxins, and aiding with weight loss. To help reach those daily recommended water levels, flavour your water by adding Evolve Carnitine RX to your shaker!