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Looking for a simple and effective technique to help reduce stress and anxiety? Here’s 3 breathing techniques you can add to your daily routine, explained by full-time Psychologist, ASN Ambassador and fit dad of two, Chris McIntyre.

Important notes before we begin:

This exercise will take 4-minutes per day. Please make sure you set aside a few uninterrupted minutes!

If you have a trauma/panic attack history, Chris encourages you to not try these skills until you’ve seen a Psychologist. Breath skills can be triggering for some people just like visiting the dentist can be triggering for some survivors of trauma.


Start by checking your breaths per minute, then perform either of the three activities for two minutes. Once complete, check your breaths per minute again. This is a total of four minutes. Complete this over two weeks and you may notice a change in your confidence in dealing with stress.

Technique #1 - Box Breathing

Inhale for four seconds

Hold for four seconds

Exhale through your nose for four seconds

Pause for four seconds


Technique #2 - Breath Waltz

Breathe in for three seconds via your nose

Exhale for three seconds via mouth or nose


Technique #3 - Controlled Breathing

Inhale for four seconds

Pause for two seconds

Exhale for six seconds

Note: this is the most challenging technique and will take some time.