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Why you should consider a January detox?

Well, detoxes and cleanses are designed to help you reset your system, remove toxins and help you improve your energy and performance. There is a range of detox methods like green tea detoxes, juice cleanses, and water detoxes that are designed to give your digestive system a rest, allowing it to heal and absorb nutrients better in the aftermath (Cleveland Clinic. 2022).

Now, we’re not talking about forgoing solid foods and following an all-liquid detox because those kinds of cleanses are low on calories, which will leave you with less energy for exercise and can disrupt your metabolism and blood sugar levels (Cleveland Clinic. 2022). We want you to hit the big reset button and focus on those marginal gains.

The aggregation of marginal gains philosophy was used by Sir Dave Brailsford to revolutionise the British cycling team. The theory suggests that by searching for a tiny margin of improvement in everything you do and improving it by 1%, you will yield significant improvements when you combine that work (Clear, J. 2018).

So, let’s start 2023 by working on the aggregation of marginal gains. Here are our TOP TIPS for resetting and improving yourself for an incredible 2023!

#1 Limit your alcohol intake

We know you had a lot of fun last month - we did too, but let’s keep that between us - so one of the first things you should do now is pause. Take a break from drinking regularly and give your liver a chance to catch up.

When you drink alcohol, your liver is responsible for processing it. So if you let loose in December, your liver probably had to work overtime to process the alcohol you consumed. Limiting how much alcohol you drink or taking a break can help keep your body’s detoxification system running strong (Van De Walle, G. 2022).

#2 Reset your liver

Your liver metabolises more than 90% of the alcohol you consume. Excessive alcohol consumption can damage your liver function by causing fat buildup, inflammation, and scarring.

If you’ve had a few too many this festive season, consider giving your liver a helping hand in January with Evolve Code Red. After keeping your liver busy for the past month, Code Red can help alleviate the symptoms of an underperforming liver with this clinically-dosed formula. Code Red is packed with amino acids like Choline L-Bitartrate, L-Methionine and L-Cysteine, which can help your body break down and metabolise fat.

#3 Exercise more

We bet we can guess the first thing on your list of New Years’ Resolutions: More exercise! Don’t worry; we have that on our list too. One of the best things you can do to reset yourself after a festive, festive season is to get your body moving.

Physical exercise supports your musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems and is also good for your liver. Cardio and resistance exercise can help prevent fat buildup in your liver and is as easy as going for a walk (Vandergriendt, C. 2020).

#4 Supplements

It isn’t always easy to uproot your diet and alter your lifestyle, but there are supplements that can help you detoxify while supporting your weight goals.

L-Carnitine is a chemical made in the brain, liver and kidneys that helps your body turn fat into energy. Evolve has a trio of carnitine formulas that can help you move fatty acids into your cells to be burned for energy. L-Carnitine offers the purest, most concentrated form of L-Carnitine available. L-Carnitine RX harnesses 3 different strains of carnitine, and ALC uses the most bioavailable form of L-Carnitine.

L-Carnitine is primarily synthesised by the liver, making it a critical detox component. L-Carnitine promotes energy metabolism, fat oxidisation, brain function and blood sugar regulation (Link, R. 2019).

#5 Drink more water

This should probably be higher up the list, but here we go. Don’t forget to hydrate! We can’t emphasise enough just how important it is to stay hydrated, especially when you’ve enjoyed a few too many drinks over the holidays.

Water helps to push waste products and toxins out of your body! With your body containing approximately 60% water, staying hydrated and drinking between 2.5-3.5 litres of water daily can help you flush out toxins regularly (Neumann, K. 2022).

#6 Take a break from processed foods

McDonald’s, KFC, and your favourite fish and chip takeaway store will always be there, but it’s time to take a break. Processed foods are convenient, cheap and pretty satisfying when you’re hungry, but they can also harm important organs like your liver and kidneys.

Processed foods often contain sugar (and toxic vegetable oils) and can take extra effort for your body to break down; they are also generally low in necessary nutrients. Sugar can affect your glycemic control, making it harder for your body to metabolise things and detoxify (Miller, K. 2022).

#7 Lower your sugar intake

Lowering your sugar intake or taking a brief break can help reduce sugar cravings and improve your general health. Cutting out sugar-filled drinks, desserts, processed foods and more can help you increase your energy, assist with your weight management and enhance your mood and health (Pure Recovery California).

#8 Look after your gut

Take into account what you’re eating. Your gut health is pivotal in keeping your detoxification system healthy. Your intestinal cells have a detoxification system to protect your gut and body from any harmful toxins, so it is essential that you maintain a healthy gut. By consuming more prebiotics and probiotics, your good bacteria can produce more nutrients that are beneficial for your health, while an unhealthy gut can weaken your immune and detoxification system (Van De Walle, G. 2022).

Cue our best-seller, Gut Instinct by Evolve Nutrition. Evolve Gut Instinct is a complete and comprehensive gut health supplement designed to help support your upper and lower gastrointestinal tracts. From reducing bloating, lowering inflammation and increasing stool transit time to improving nutrient absorption and healing the structural integrity of your gut, Evolve Gut Instinct is the ultimate gut health support for anyone with leaky gut syndrome, increased intestinal permeability, or anyone simply looking for a better functioning gut and body.

#9 Take a detour from caffeine

We know, we know, you can’t live without your daily coffee… but surely you can survive a short cleanse, right? Swapping out your daily cup of warm liquid gold with an alternative like green tea (or, even better, herbal tea) can give you a probably-much-needed break from the less-positive effects of caffeine.

Substituting caffeine with green tea can help to cleanse the digestive system while also boosting metabolism and supporting weight loss (Sarin, D. 2022). Green tea is rich in antioxidants and can help your body increase the production of antioxidant properties while also protecting your liver from the damaging effects of alcohol and other substances (Madura Tea. 2018).

#10 Get those extra ZZZs

Getting a good night’s sleep can help your brain detox. It can clear your mind and reset your mood, with research finding that your brain can flush out toxins during sleep. Your body builds up toxins on a daily basis, so increasing the quality of your sleep can help you decrease inflammation in your body and increase detox activity in the brain (Laguna Shores Recovery. 2022).

But if you're someone who finds it hard to get to sleep, don't worry - we have the ultimate sleep solution. Introducing Sleep Agent. This bundle of 'sleep-inducing-goodness' can assist in promoting better sleep so your body can focus on what it needs to do. Recover. Reset. Rejuvenate.

Before You Go

Welcome to 2023.

To kick off a year of success, joy, and shattered goals and New Year’s resolutions by giving yourself a much-needed detox. December was for celebrating, and January is for resetting.

It takes a lot of discipline to give yourself a full cleanse, but just incorporating several of these tips and committing to improving yourself can drastically boost your daily function and health. Rejuvenate yourself now, and you can celebrate again in December.

If you’re unsure where to start or want to know more about how Code Red and L-Carnitine can help you detoxify yourself, head in-store or jump online and our friendly and knowledgeable team can help you find the best products to support your 2023 goals.

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