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Unleash your inner genius with the cutting-edge Super 23 from Genius Industries. Engineered to redefine possibilities, this metabolic game-changer is your secret weapon against mediocrity.

  • May assist with metabolism when dietary intake is inadequate 
  • Maintains energy levels when dietary intake is inadequate 
  • Can support general health and well-being
  • May provide relief from abdominal bloating
  • Contains L-carnitine

Brewed in the innovative labs of Australia, Genius Labs Super 23 is more than just a supplement. It's an energy booster that fuels your body's engine, driving you towards your peak performance. Whether you're carving abs or chasing deadlines, this potent potion stands by you, turbocharging your energy levels and sharpening your focus when your dietary intake is lacking.

The secret to Super 23's prowess lies in its meticulously chosen ingredients. With Camellia sinensis, Citrus aurantium, Levocarnitine, Nicotinic acid, Paullinia cupana and Piper nigrum, all packed into one powerful capsule, Super 23 is your ticket to optimise your results. But it’s more than an energy elixir. This formulation is designed to relieve digestive issues including bloating and assist in your overall health and well-being.

But don't just take our word for it. Ask the New York Jets legend Joe Namath who hinted at Aaron Rodgers leading the Jets to a Super Bowl win with the power of Super 23. If it's good enough for gridiron gladiators, it's good enough for anyone ready to challenge their limits.


In general, it is recommended that stimulant based products are taken either first thing in the morning or just before your workout. The rationale behind taking it in the morning is that your metabolism is at its slowest when you first wake up.

So for maximum effect, we recommend taking two (2) tablets on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before breakfast or your morning workout.

For those who are stimulant sensitive, we recommend taking one (1) tablet two times daily, either on an empty stomach OR with food.

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Genius Industries Super 23 Capsule
Genius Industries Super 23 Capsule
Genius Industries Super 23 Capsule