ASN Green Hills (Closed for Renovations)

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24 Garnett Rd, East Maitland
New South Wales , Green Hills , 2323
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At ASN Greenhills our store is always stocked with the biggest selection of the biggest brands, at the best prices. Our store has a great culture that is positive, energised and welcoming, and it shows with how amazing, diverse and far reaching our customer base is. It covers virtually every age, gender, sport and activity you can possibly imagine.

Available in store is a state of the art EVOLT body composition scanner. The scanner gives a detailed body analysis which allows us to track body fat percentage, skeletal muscle, water content, waist to hip ratio, and more. The benefits of a body scan is that it creates a baseline of how we can assist your goals and In turn helps us identify what supplements could be useful for you to use.

ASN Greenhills is all about investing in our customers, because we are quality driven, service orientated fanatics! With a wealth of experience from different sports and industries, we are constantly listening, learning and educating people on how supplementation, proper nutrition, and exercise synergistically works. Whether you want to look, move or feel stronger, happier, more vital, full of energy, climb a mountain, be a better employee or simply play with your kids, we will help you achieve your goal.

At ASN Greenhills you will get the best supplements, quality service and advice, first time every time. Your feedback is our oxygen. We want to know if you're 100% satisfied with our products and service, so that we can continue to develop, upgrade, grow, evolve and improve. We are conveniently located across the road from Stockland Green Hills Shopping Centre in East Maitland, with plenty of off street parking, we can even provide speedy quick service for those customers who know exactly what they want, and need it quickly. We know we are not your only choice, but we guarantee to be your best choice! We look forward to helping you fuel and build a better you.

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