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Victoria , Traralgon , 3844
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At ASN Traralgon our customer service is our highest priority, we guarantee that you will feel confident in the approach, plans and supplements that we have to offer. Here at ASN Traralgon we’re all about taking a balanced approach to supplements, nutrition and training. We believe supplements go hand in hand with the right nutrition and training program in support of an individual’s goals. Improve your health and performance with the guidance of our team alongside working with other health professionals. Our approach includes educating our customers as well as presenting solutions which fit easily into their lifestyles and help move them towards their goals.

ASN supply supplements and support to world class athletes who submit themselves to the highest level testing for their sport. Our customers can be confident with the advice they receive and the supplements that are recommended to them. We have the equipment to conduct body composition scans in-store, allowing us to measure everything from your skeletal muscle mass, body fat percentage, waist to hip ratio, visceral fat to water retention and much, much more. The results provide a complete breakdown so that you can understand exactly where you are at and we can guide you in developing individualised programs to suit your goals.

Our store has the largest range of sports nutrition supplements in the Gippsland region. Nutrition is an important factor in anyone’s fitness journey and is commonly misunderstood when it comes to supplementation. We focus on fitting the correct supplements to each individual’s needs, the right fuel will have you feeling fitter, training harder with minimal fatigue followed by optimum recovery.

ASN Traralgon is committed to educating every person who walks into our store. ASN affiliates with sporting clubs, gyms and fitness studios to maximise benefits for the community and increase exposure & awareness of health and fitness. Located just off the Princes Highway, east of the Latrobe Valley in the Gippsland region, pop in today and chat to our friendly staff about your health & fitness goals.

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