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Shop 11, 52-56 John Street
New South Wales , Singleton , 2330
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10:00 am - 6:00 pm
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At ASN Singleton, customer service is our top priority. We are a small-town store located in the Hunter Valley region of NSW. We pride ourselves on delivering fantastic service to our affiliates and valued local customers from around the region. You can be assured that we will provide a high standard of professionalism when you visit our store.

Due to our unique location the large majority of ASN Singleton’s clientele base comes from the Defense Force and the Mining Industries in the area. You can be rest-assured our products are covered by the current Australian Standards. Further, each customer is treated to not just exceptional customer service but a refreshing approach to supplementation in their day-to-day usage to aid in reaching those fitness goals. Whether it’s reaching goals such as weight-loss, muscle gain or a simple lifestyle and diet change, the team at ASN Singleton can provide professional advice and product information to help you get started and across the line.

Here at ASN Singleton we strongly believe that to achieve your health and fitness goals, the correct tracking method is essential for the foundation and baselining of your fitness journey. With our Evolt body-scanner we can track not just your overall weight, but your visceral fat, bone density, and your PBF (percentage of body-fat). Tracking your results and starting point is highly important as it gives you a specific breakdown of your current position on your fitness journey. We have found that the ability to track these results will give you the motivation and accountability you need to continually improve and get the best results from your training and fitness.

ASN Singleton is committed to providing the best education and awareness of supplementation. We pride ourselves on knowing and understanding the common misconceptions our customers may have, and work with you to help you understand certain products. We also aim to help you break down the importance of diet in your daily lives and how to balance training to maximise results and help you reach your fitness goals. First and foremost, we value our customer service and make sure we provide 110% for every customer who walks through our doors.

ASN Singleton is located at 4 Gowrie St, Singleton, NSW. Feel free to contact us on (02) 6527 3900 or come in and see our friendly team for a chat about all things health, fitness and supplements.

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