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Ready to turn up the heat in the gym and start shredding that excess fat? Try adding MyoBlox Rubix non-stimulant fat burner to your daily routine!

Designed to target, mobilise and oxidise stubborn body fat, MyoBlox Rubix non-stimulant fat burner contains an elixir of revolutionary ingredients to get your body sweating and your metabolism ignited, without the use of any jittery stimulants. Known for boosting metabolism, suppressing your appetite and regulating insulin levels, the Rubix non-stimulant fat burner utilises four game-changing ingredients, Micracarn, Capsimax, GBBGO and Paradoxine to offer a fully transparent formula with thermogenic ingredients.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Stimulant-free - A non-stimulant fat burner will offer the same benefits as a stimulant-based alternative, without the jittery sensation and high-level alertness that can interfere with your sleeping patterns.

  • No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners

  • Enhances fat burning & boosts metabolism - Micracarn is a Micro-Peptide Infused L-Carnitine L-Tartrate that enhances the fat burning process by converting fat into usable energy, making it an effective aid for burning body fat and enhancing natural energy. Likewise, Lean GBB helps to increase the production of carnitine, which also assists with creating energy through burning fatty acids. Additionally, Capsimax is a capsicum extract known for boosting thermogenesis. Capsimax works by increasing the body’s core temperature, which burns more calories in the process of attempting to cool down your body to regulate your temperature.

  • Helps burn stubborn fat -  Paradoxine is a fat-burning supplement that activates brown adipose tissue burning, which assists in targeting those stubborn body fat areas, as well as helping to keep fat off.

Containing a whopping 50 serves per tub, MyoBlox Rubix non-stimulant fat-burner offers a fully transparent formula that is designed to tackle fat burning from every angle and keep it off. When coupled with a killer workout regime and healthy diet, Rubix will make your weight loss journey more enjoyable!

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