Men's Essentials

Men's Essentials

When it comes to SUP’s innovative Men’s Essentials formula, it’s simply so much more than just a multivitamin!

Available in 50 Capsules.

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Gone are the days of generic multivitamin products mass produced and marketed to everyone and anyone. SUP’s innovative new formula is specific to the modern day man and his greatest demands and requirements. Containing 15 essential ingredients carefully studied and handpicked by SUP’s team of naturopaths, Men’s Essentials is the solution to a range of common gaps and deficiencies found in the modern man’s diet. As such, SUP Men’s Essentials is designed to boost energy levels, fill nutritional gaps, alleviate stress and improve muscle and cardiovascular health.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Boosts energy levels - Ferrous Fumarate (Iron) is a core ingredient in the formula and is known to boost energy, to ensure you feel invigorated and lively when you need it most. Additionally, Zinc Oxide is known to boost immunity, energy levels and general wellbeing. 
  • Fill nutritional gaps - From reducing inflammation and supporting eye health to improving skin health and alleviating anxiety, there’s no denying that fish oil is the building block of optimal health. And did you know that many multivitamins fail to include fish oil in their formulas? 
  • Improves muscle and cardiovascular health - Men’s Essentials contains 49.7mg of Magnesium Oxide, which is known to assist in boosting recovery, bone health and muscle growth. Additionally, the formula also contains 35mg of high Selenium Yeast, which helps your body process protein.

For a multivitamin that helps you squeeze the most out of every day while ensuring your body is functioning and feeling its best, SUP Men’s Essentials is your number one choice.

Take 1 capsule daily with food.

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