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Stim-free pre-workout by ATP Science.

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Looking to enhance your workout performance without the stimulants? ATP Science Infrared may be just what you need!


  • Stimulant-free pre-workout
  • May support cellular energy production
  • May enhance workout performance
  • Contains electrolytes to support hydration
  • May enhance workout performance


Whether you’re sensitive to stimulant-based pre-workouts or simply prefer to train at night without the risk of disrupting your sleep cycle, Infrared’s non-stimulant pre-workout formula contains an array of ingredients designed to boost energy, without the need for caffeine or stimulants. Designed to support your nutritional requirements and athletic performance, ATP Science Infrared is the result of thousands of hours worth of research, and clinical and University studies on the properties of amino acids, electrolytes and potent botanicals, and their combined benefits when jam-packed together in a powerhouse pre-workout formula.

Infrared contains the ATP Science carbohydrate blend, citrulline malate, beta-alanine, silica, ATP Science electrolyte blend, and more. Wondering why? Consuming carbohydrates pre-workout play an important role in helping to fuel your body with a readily available source of glucose for energy to train harder. The electrolyte blend has been added to help replenish the electrolytes lost from sweating during a workout, including sodium, potassium and magnesium. Beta-alanine may help to delay muscle fatigue, as studies suggest that beta-alanine may increase muscle levels of carnosine, which is an intracellular buffer that helps to delay fatigue during high-intensity training.

Please note: Infrared is best taken away from other supplements containing taurine. Taurine will compete with beta-alanine for absorption and utilisation.


Looking to enhance your performance the stim-free way? ATP Science Infrared is the ultimate pre-workout for those looking for a hard-hitting and highly effective formula that is entirely stimulant-free.

Mix 1 or 2 scoops with 250-500ml of water 1 hour before training or event.

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