Macro Mike Baking Bundle

Macro Mike Baking Bundle

Buy any 3 for $50 of the following Macro Mike Baking range:

  • Cookie Mix
  • Brownie Mix
  • Donut Mix



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Macro Mike Baking Bundle
Macro Mike Baking Bundle

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    Macro Mike Cookie Mix

    Brace yourself - Macro Mike has created the world’s FIRST macro-friendly and nutritionally-balanced protein cookie mix. Introducing: Macro Mike Cookie Mix!

    Containing 100% natural ingredients that have been fortified with a premium quality plant-based protein and loaded with gut nourishing fibre, Macro Mike Cookie Mix is so much more than your standard batch of cookies. Enjoy the flavour, sweetness and crunch you love most about cookies, with the added benefits of nutritious ingredients designed to offer a healthy alternative, without having to sacrifice the deliciousness.

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    Macro Mike Brownie Mix

    Just when you thought Macro Mike’s widely-adored Brownie Mix couldn’t get any better, they’ve proved us all wrong with their NEW and IMPROVED chocolate goodness, V2 Brownies!

    If you adore chocolate, spoiling yourself, and the quality of the nutrition you feed your body, Macro Mike V2 Brownies were made for you. Calling on customer feedback, market trends and six months worth of research and development, Macro Mike have taken their much-loved Brownies to the absolute next level.

    So, what can you expect? It’s simple! Twice the chunks, less than 75 calories per slice, and everything you love most about a normal brownie, without having to think twice about the sugar and fat content.

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    Macro Mike Donut Mix

    Running out of protein snack ideas? Macro Mike has got you covered with the world’s first protein donut. Introducing: Macro Mike Donut Baking Mix!

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