EHP Recovery Stack

EHP Recovery Stack

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  • OxyWhey (30 Serves) - RRP $69.95
  • Beyond BCAA (50 Serves) - RRP $59.95

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EHPLabs OxyWhey

EHP Oxywhey is an amazing tasting 100% lean whey protein powder, consisting of a variety of high-quality protein sources. Packing over 24g of protein per serve, largely from Whey Protein Isolate, EHP Oxywhey is the perfect post-workout protein shake, with the majority of its 24g of protein being absorbed rapidly by the body for fast and effective muscle repair.

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EHPLabs Beyond BCAA

Beyond BCAA is an anti-catabolic and hydration formula from EHP, designed to be supplemented intra-workout, or supped on throughout the day, to deliver scientifically formulated doses of BCAA’s, as well as essential recovery and endurance boosting ingredients.

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