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Available in 60 capsules.

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Where high-quality ingredients and an innovative weight loss formula is concerned, MyoBlox is paving the way with the introduction of their cutting-edge high energy fat burner, Tetra.

Known for its clinically dosed ingredients and precise formula, MyoBlox Tetra has been carefully designed to trigger thermogenesis, focus, metabolism, fat loss and energy. Unlike many other generic fat burners on the market, MyoBlox Tetra isn’t just loaded with a bunch of stimulants to offer a quick buzz and nothing more. Tetra is known to provide clean energy and an elixir of ingredients that will have you sweating like crazy while simultaneously supporting appetite curbing, without actually damaging your appetite. With 60 servings per bottle, Tetra offers the perfect 4-week supply fat burner that will assist you in reaching your health and fitness goals, when coupled with a consistent workout regime and diet plan. Better yet, stack this with MyoBlox Rubix for maximum calorie output/energy.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Ignites metabolism - MyoBlox Tetra Fire Matrix utilises a careful selection of ingredients that work synergistically to get you sweating like crazy while boosting your metabolic rate and increasing calorie expenditure. From Advantra Z and Paradoxine to Higenamine and the exclusive BLOX technology, the Fire Matrix is packed to the brim with cutting-edge ingredients!

  • Increases fat loss - While it contains an array of fat-burning ingredients, Paradoxine is a fat-burning supplement that activates brown adipose tissue burning, which assists in targeting those stubborn body fat areas, as well as helping to keep fat off.

  • Controls cravings - A key ingredient in the Fire Matrix, Advantra Z is a fat burner highly regarded for its ability to assist in curbing hunger cravings, without destroying your appetite.

  • Enhances smooth energy - 150mg of RealCaf™ per serve is known to help provide a natural and clean source of energy without the jittery sensation or energy crash.

For the ultimate high energy fat burner that is bound to pack a punch when you need it most, turn up the sweat in the gym and assist you in burning fat in no time, MyoBlox Tetra may be just the answer for you!

Take one capsule in the morning 15 minutes before first meal. After assessing your tolerance, you may consume one more capsule 6 to 8 hours later.

ADVANCED USERS ONLY: With extreme caution, you may take up to two capsules in the morning.


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