Ultra Stim Burner

Ultra Stim Burner

Engineered with 13 full-strength, fat-burning ingredients for maximising body fat loss.

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Keen to see all the hard work you put in at the gym translate into results? Look no further than Darkside Supps Ultra Stim Burner!


  • May enhance energy levels
  • May boost metabolism
  • May increase fat loss
  • Zero crash


Darkside Supps Ultra Stim Burner was designed with one main goal in mind: to increase your fat-burning capabilities. Through helping to increase your caloric burn rate, releasing fat from body stores and preventing additional fat from being stored in its place, Ultra Stim Burner may be just what you need to turn the heat up in the gym!

Darkside Supps Ultra Stim Burner is designed to enhance your energy levels, boost your metabolism and enhance your fat loss in this innovative, crash-free formula that has been engineered for perfection. The formula contains 13 full-strength fat burning ingredients to maximise your results, including KSM-66, Caffeine, ForsLean, TeaCrine, Grains of Paradise and more!


Darkside Supps has raised the bar to the top with Ultra Stim Burner’s game-changing formula. From enhancing your energy levels to boosting your metabolism, Darkside Supps Ultra Stim Burner has been carefully designed to kick start and support your fat loss goals!

Assess your tolerance by taking 1/2 serving (1 scoop) upon waking on an empty stomach. Once tolerance has been assessed, take an additional 1/2 serving (1 scoop) 4-6 hours after your first serving. Do not exceed more than 1 1/2 servings per day and do not take before bedtime.

Nutrition & Ingredients

Dark Side Ultra Stim Burner nutritional panel

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