Chemix Pre-Workout

Chemix Pre-Workout

Science-based pre-workout.

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Take your workout to the next level with Chemix’s new strength, energy and focus-enhancing supplement, Pre-Workout!


  • May enhance natural energy levels
  • May help reduce anxiety and lower inflammation
  • May increase muscle pump and improve nutrient uptake
  • May improve the metabolism and provide antioxidant support
  • May improve focus and concentration


Whether you need an additional hit of energy to help pep you up first thing in the morning or simply want to take your workout performance to new heights, Chemix Pre-Workout can help you hit that PB you didn’t think was possible. Containing more than 20 different ingredients carefully selected to help enhance your performance, Chemix Pre-Workout is designed to give you unbeatable strength, unstoppable energy, and unwavering focus.

It’s no secret that increasing your energy levels is a core requirement for being able to push harder and train longer, which is why Cordyceps and Caffeine have been added to help enhance natural energy levels and to boost oxygen uptake. Additionally, three grams of Glycerpump has been added to help optimise muscle pumps, which can help improve blood, nutrient and oxygen flow to the working muscle tissues. Why GlycerPump? GlycerPump is a more stable form of the traditionally used, Glycerol Powder, with a yield of 65% glycerol content. Key ingredient, L-Tyrosine may help to improve focus and concentration, to give you the motivation and drive you need to smash out one of your best workouts yet.

Additionally, Lion’s Mane has been added to the formula to help reduce anxiety and lower inflammation, while Kanna may help to relax the mind while still giving you that extra boost you look for in a pre-workout formula. Finally, Green Tea Extract has been intentionally added to assist in enhancing the metabolism and providing antioxidant support, which may in turn help reduce the damage done to the body during an intense workout.


Give your workout the attention it deserves with Chemix’s brand new science-based energy increasing, focus enhancing and strength boosting formula, Pre-Workout!

Consume 1 serve (1 scoop) with 350ml of water. For best results consume 15 - 30 minutes prior to exercise. Do not consume more than one serve per day.

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