Xtreme Cuts Plus

Xtreme Cuts Plus

Highly potent natural fat burner designed to offer a genuine solution for burning fat, without compromising your energy levels, focus, or muscle mass.

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Looking for a potent natural fat burner to ramp up your weight loss journey? Advanced Sports Nutrition has set a new benchmark in product performance and potency with the introduction of their game-changing formula, Xtreme Cuts Plus!
Utilising the benefits of high potency fat-burning ingredients and the latest in fat burning technology, Xtreme Cuts Plus is designed to increase your metabolic rate, activate thermogenesis, provide a smooth and sustained supply of energy, promote mental focus, and maintain muscle integrity to allow you to get the most out of your performance, with the results to show for it. If you’re tired of purchasing fat burners that give you nothing more than a little extra energy, Advanced Sports Nutrition’s Xtreme Cuts Plus is the perfect product for you. Enjoy real ingredients and real results with Xtreme Cuts Plus’ cutting-edge ProBlend formula, which contains incredibly high levels of Synephrine to amplify your body’s fat burning capability.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Increases Metabolic Rate & Thermogenesis - Designed as one of the most potent natural fat burners on the market, Xtreme Cuts Plus contains the innovative ProBlend formula, which is a potent elixir of ingredients designed to enhance fat burning capabilities, through thermogenesis. One of ProBlend’s core ingredients is called Synephrine, which is directly involved in fat mobilisation and thermogenesis. The higher the level of Synephrine, the higher the weight loss capabilities are. As such, Xtreme Cuts Plus contains a staggering 33.3% Synephrine level, making it an incredibly potent fat burner. 
  • Supports energy & focus - Due to the thermogenic effect of Xtreme Cuts Plus, your body’s natural function of converting fat into energy is amplified, which helps to create a smooth and sustained boost of energy and mental focus. Unlike many other fat burners that rely on caffeine to increase energy levels, Xtreme Cuts Plus increases natural energy production, which means you will experience a long-lasting supply of energy and focus, with zero crash effect. When our body experiences an energy crash, we experience sluggishness, loss of mental focus and an all-around tiredness. 
  • Burns Body Fat - As Xtreme Cuts Plus contains an incredibly high level of Synephrine, the effect of thermogenesis and the rate at which your body burns fat is amplified. Essentially, Xtreme Cuts Plus increases your metabolic rate through thermogenesis, which allows you to burn calories via stored body fat. What does this mean for you? The thermogenic effect allows you to release calories, which are in turn converted and used as a form of energy by the body, allowing you to burn fat. 
  • No Muscle Loss - While Xtreme Cuts Plus is designed to burn fat, it will preserve your muscle integrity throughout the process. The formula contains two key amino acids, known as Tyrosine and Phenylalanine, which are required for supplying fuel for the production of adrenaline and brain chemicals. As a result of supplying this fuel, it stops your muscles from being robbed of amino acids during the thermogenic process. 

What are you waiting for? Get the most out of your weight loss journey with a highly potent natural fat burner designed to offer a genuine solution for burning fat, without compromising your energy levels, focus, or muscle mass!

Adults Only. Take 1 level scoop in the morning & 1 level scoop in the early afternoon. Mix with 250 ml of water in a shaker and consume. If dose is too strong replace 1 level scoop with 1/2 a scoop instead.

NOTE: Not recommended to be taken after 4pm as it may cause lack of sleep or restlessness

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