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Animal Nitro
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The Essential Anabolic EAA Stack.

Available in 44 Packs (22 Serves).

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If your post-workout supplementation isn’t giving you the results you’ve worked hard for, make the switch to Universal Nutrition’s undeniably powerful new post-workout today. Where science meets innovation, Animal Nitro is paving the way!

It’s no secret that amino acids are the basic building blocks of muscle and while there are almost two dozen different amino acids in our bodies, only a select few are completely essential for triggering the anabolic drive responsible for muscle growth. Which ones, you may ask? It should come as no surprise that these core essential amino acids are the same ones found in human muscle!

Well, guess what? Universal Nutrition Animal Nitro’s revolutionary formula is the first and only supplement to ever contain the correct ratios of these aminos based on human muscle protein. Animal Nitro’s powerful effect is the result of an elixir of game-changing ingredients and a cutting-edge Human Muscle Protein Complex (HMPC). Designed for competitive athletes or lifters who are wanting to ramp up their performance and results, Animal Nitro is jam-packed with 6g of EAAs and helps to boost post-workout anabolism in order to promote protein synthesis for muscle growth. Animal Nitro is perfect for those wanting a product that will assist with muscle growth, muscle recovery, increasing energy levels, and enhancing physical strength.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Boosts anabolism - Nitro Animal consists of a Human Muscle Protein Complex that is made up of 100% uncoupled aminos, meaning that the aminos aren’t chemically bonded with other aminos. Amino acids are known to assist with enhancing anabolism, and with the help of uncoupled aminos, the fast absorption rate and minimal wastage add even greater benefit. 
  • Protein synthesis - Uncoupled aminos are unique due to their ability to bypass the liver, which allows for a much faster absorption rate and less wastage. What does this mean? Your body is readily available to absorb and use more nutrients from the aminos faster. Animal Nitro is designed to assist your body in delivering more nutrients to your working muscles and help to build new muscle through enhancing protein synthesis, reducing muscle breakdown and improving net muscle protein balance. 
  • Assists with muscle recovery - Essential Amino Acids have long been recognised for their ability to repair and build new muscle tissue. And with 6g per serving, Nitro Animal is designed to do exactly that! 
  • Enhances physical strength - Human Muscle Protein Complex that is made up of 100% uncoupled aminos, which help to build muscle tissue and improve muscle strength. Individual aminos are known to assist with building strength, reducing muscle fatigue, improving recovery time, and increasing lean muscle growth.

Get your daily dose of high-quality uncoupled Essential Amino Acids to kickstart your muscle growth and recovery. Enhance anabolism, reduce muscle breakdown and promote protein synthesis with Universal Nutrition’s game-changing post-workout formula - Animal Nitro!

When lifting, there is a critical 4 hour anabolic "window of opportunity" that exists. To take advantage of this window, take 1 pack of Animal Nitro within 30 minutes following resistance training. For better results, take 2 packs daily - the first immediately before lifting, and the second within 30 minutes after. If you use a post-training protein shake, wait at least another 30 - 45 minutes after you've taken the Animal Nitro pack before drinking your shake. Always take Animal Nitro on an empty stomach, preferably with 8 oz. of grape or other fruit juice.

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