Cauliflower Chips

Cauliflower Chips

Gluten-free, Vegan and vegetarian-friendly, Non-GMO Cauliflower Chips by X50.

Available in 60g Packs.

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Remember the days when eating cauliflower seemed like a chore? Thanks to X50’s gluten-free, fibre-rich and preservative-free Cauliflower Chips, those days are well and truly gone!


  • Gluten-free
  • Contains zero cholesterol
  • Contains no preservatives or trans fat
  • Vegan and vegetarian-friendly
  • Contains non-GMO cauliflower
  • A healthy and tasty snack
  • Pesticide-free


Whether you’re looking for the perfect snack to satisfy your savoury cravings or are simply looking for a tasty way to increase your daily nutrient intake, X50 Cauliflower Chips are a healthy treat that offers the perfect amount of crunch and flavour!

Containing vegan and vegetarian-friendly, non-GMO cauliflower freshly picked at their prime, X50 Cauliflower Chips contain no preservatives, no trans fat and no pesticides, meaning you can enjoy a treat that doesn’t contain anything nasty. Cauliflower is naturally packed full of goodness and fibrous carbs, which break down easily to support your metabolism and to help your body glow from the inside out. X50 Cauliflower Chips have also been vacuum fried to seal in the goodness using wholesome rice bran oil to capitalise on its ideal fatty acid balance.


Cauliflower just got a whole lot more interesting and tasty thanks to X50’s seriously crunchy, delicious, and healthy Cauliflower Chips!

Nutrition & Ingredients

X50 Cauliflower Chips nutritional panel

Ingredients: Cauliflower (84%), Rice Bran Oil, Sea Salt.

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