Plant-2 lb-Chocolate

Plant-2 lb-Chocolate
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Vegan plant-based protein.

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There are many great reasons to use a plant-based protein including being low allergen, easy on the digestion and alkaline. Project U has created have created a delicious natural, non-gmo, gluten-free, soy-free, vegan plant-based protein, with no artificial sweeteners or flavours.

Featuring an organic protein, Plant is comprised of 4 plant proteins fortified with added BCAAs, arginine and glutamine. In order to provide a delicious creamy milkshake texture, Project U has included Clean-Cream, a patented blend of natural ingredients that provide a thicker, smoother shake. Plant has also been further fortified by adding Flaxseed powder and organic coconut milk to provide MCT and omega 3 oils for heart, joint and overall health.

To make Plant the nutritional powerhouse that it is Project U also included a probiotic called LacrtoSpore and a blend of fruits and vegetables to enrich it with all natural sources of vitamins and minerals which is far more useful in the body than synthetic forms.

It is often hard for anyone following a vegan diet to get adequate protein and there is a big portion of the population that do not tolerate dairy well so Plant is a delicious, nutritious way to get the extra protein your body needs.

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