Sparkling Protein Water

Sparkling Protein Water

The worlds first sparkling protein water, with 20g of protein!

Available in 355ml.

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Enjoy protein, flavour and fizz with Fizzique’s game-changing protein and energy-enhancing drink, Sparkling Protein Water!


  • Contains 20g of protein per serve
  • Rapid protein digestion and utilisation
  • May enhance energy levels
  • May help to satisfy your hunger
  • Contains zero sugar and only 90 calories
  • Gluten-free, GMO-free, fat-free, sugar-free and soy-free
  • The first sparkling protein water using patented protein fizzology


Drink your protein in style with Fizzique’s one-of-a-kind sparkling water infused with premium quality clean protein and natural energy to give you the kick start you need to get the most out of your day!

Containing 20g of protein and 45mg of natural caffeine (just like the kind found in a cup of green tea), Fizzique Sparkling Protein Water is designed to increase your daily protein intake to keep you feeling fuller for longer, while simultaneously supplying a source of energy to help you conquer new heights. Fizzique contains Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate, which is one of the fastest digesting proteins, meaning nutrients are delivered to your muscles, body and brain more quickly than milk protein, caseins, caseinates, egg, soy and other plant proteins.

Did we mention that this flavoursome and refreshing drink is sugar-free, keto-friendly, gluten-free, GMO-free, fat-free, soy-free, and contains no artificial preservatives, colours or dyes? Better still, it contains only a fraction of the calories found in other protein drinks, standing at only 90 calories per serve!


Looking for a refreshing high-protein pick-me-up that is scientifically formulated to help you get more out of your day? Look no further than Fizzique’s first-of-its-kind, Sparkling Protein Water!

Nutrition & Ingredients

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