Evolve Recovery Pack

Evolve Recovery Pack
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Bundle and save with the Evolve Recovery Pack.

  • 1x Evolve WPI protein (1.25kg)
  • 1x Evolve Damage Control EAA (60 serve)


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Evolve Recovery Pack
Evolve Recovery Pack

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    Evolve WPI

    Those who train hard day in and day out have high demands for what they expect in a protein powder. The rapid absorbability of Evolve WPI, as a result of ultra-refined Whey Protein Isolate allows athletes and bodybuilders alike to replenish their muscles with vital nutrients immediately after training, and make optimal use of their post-workout anabolic window.

    Packing over 35g of isolate protein per serve with as little as 1.8g of carbohydrates, and <1g sugar and fat, Evolve WPI is among the purest and best value protein powders on the market, delivering more of what your body needs to grow, with no additives or filler ingredients.

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    Evolve Damage Control EAA

    Boost muscle protein synthesis, accelerate recovery and enhance physical performance like you’ve never experienced before. Where a cutting-edge formula meets groundbreaking results, Evolve Damage Control is the industry-leading Essential Amino Acid recovery solution available on the market. Backed by science and jam-packed with an elixir of revolutionary ingredients, Damage Control contains the ground-breaking PeptoPro formula and world-renowned Ajinomoto Aminos to bring you the ultimate full-spectrum EAA (Essential Amino Acid) protein accelerator.

    With the integrity of amino acid products rapidly declining across the industry, Damage Control has been created out of a fierce desire to reintroduce quality back into amino-based products. Evolve Damage Control far exceeds industry standards by containing the game-changing formula of BCAAs, EAAs, and PeptoPro. As an advanced peptide formulation highly-regarded as the best natural recovery ingredient on the market, PeptoPro is a dairy protein derivative that contains all 20 amino acids required for muscle protein synthesis.

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