Magick Reishi Cacao

Magick Reishi Cacao

Relax & unwind with Reishi.

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A combination of spiced chocolate with medicinal mushrooms to upgrade health and performance.
If you are seeking calmness then this mushroom is for you. It’s meditation in a cup.

Reishi Mushroom has been used throughout Asia and in Chinese medicine history to strengthen immunity, reduce stress, assist in a good nights sleep and promote longevity. Also known as Ling Zhi, meaning spiritual potency, it is believed to promote calmness for those needing to unwind.

Add 1 teaspoon to 150ml of water. You can add milk, cream, or nut milk if you prefer.

Nutrition & Ingredients

per 100g

per serve
Energy 1490kj 60kj
Protein 19.1g 0.8g
Fat 14.3g 0.6g
 Carbohydrate 24.3g 1.0g
 - sugar 0.9g 0.0g
Sodium 258mg 10mg

Organic cacao, organic reishi, organic cinnamon, organic cardamom.

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