Fitique Skinny Whey & Collagen Bundle

Fitique Skinny Whey & Collagen Bundle
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Bundle & Save with the Fitique Nutrition Skinny Whey & Marine Collagen Bundle.

  • Fitique Skinny Whey (500g)
  • Fitique Marine Collagen (90 Tablets)

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Fitique Skinny Whey & Collagen Bundle
Fitique Skinny Whey & Collagen Bundle

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    Fitique Skinny Whey

    Looking for a premium source of protein and an elixir of fat burning ingredients packed into the convenience of a quick-and-easy shake? Fitique offers the perfect solution for committing to a healthier lifestyle and achieving your dream body with the launch of their innovative and equally delicious protein formula - Skinny Whey!

    When it comes to staying on top of your health and fitness goals, there’s no denying that the stresses and demands of everyday life can make your goals feel less attainable. Whether you want to squeeze back into your favourite pair of jeans, reach your ideal body weight or simply want to transform your lifestyle to boost your health and wellbeing, Fitique Skinny Whey has been formulated using a powerful combination of ingredients hand-selected by our team of expert Nutritionists to provide you with a high-quality, result-driven product. Containing 20g of Whey Protein Isolate per serving, this low-fat, low-carb and gluten-free formula makes the perfect meal replacement or snack that doesn’t compromise on nutrition or taste. With the help of Fitique Skinny Whey, burning fat has never been easier!

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    Fitique Marine Collagen

    Struggling to maintain optimal hair, nail and bone health? Let us introduce you to Fitique’s premium quality new collagen formula - Marine Collagen!

    An unavoidable element of ageing is the impact it has on slowing down our body’s natural collagen production. As the major structural protein in connective tissue that helps us to maintain our youthful appearance, bone health, and hair and nail integrity, Collagen is easily one of the most sought after supplements in the industry. And with Fitique’s innovative new collagen formula, you can enjoy quality at an affordable price.

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