Advanced Sports Nutrition - Tribestanol Pro

Advanced Sports Nutrition - Tribestanol Pro

The new generation Tribulus Terrestris; using the latest extraction technology from Europe, providing the most effective saponins from the leaves of specifically grown Bulgarian Tribulus plants.

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TRIBESTANOL – THE MOST EFFECTIVE BOOSTER ON THE MARKET Every company says that their testosterone booster is the best. They mention all the different ingredients it contains and how there is nothing else available out there that will give you better results. Some even give you scientific references to those materials. But are they the exact same materials that were used in the scientific studies? The answer is 'no'. No proof at all. Most likely they are cheaply manufactured material of the same name. There are a lot of copies around that do not work. At Advanced Sports Nutrition we use the real stuff, the manufacturer's material used in the scientific studies. What you have to understand is, it is not all about the name of the material that was used in scientific studies, it is all about who manufactured that material and where it came from. Cheap copies don't just make the grade. The same goes for the new Tribestanol. We are the only sports nutrition company in the world that has the rights to this very new material, providing the purist form of Tribestanol on the planet. Developed by the original professor in Bulgaria who invented the extraction methods for isolating and identifying the different active saponins in the tribulus plant, this new extract is over 40% more effective than the original Tribestanol. The new Tribestanol provides natural saponin levels at very high proportion, that no other manufacturer in the world can match. Effective saponins, which act together to provide testosterone boosting properties unmatched by any other Tribulus based male enhancing product. It dosen't matter what other companies say, their product won't even come close to the potency and the effectiveness of the new tribestanol. Other companies can put as many other different ingredients as they want into their testosterone boosting product and it still won't beat the effectiveness or the potency of the new natural testosterone supporting, Tribestanol. Testosterone means muscle. Testosterone means increased performance. Now you can help optimize your testosterone to the max, enhancing your natural testosterone level beyond what is normally achievable, helping you give better performance and muscle building results that far exceed that of other athletes.
The typical dose is 3 capsules daily (750 mg) for people under 70kg approx. 160 lbs and 6 capsules daily (1500 mg) for people over 70kg. Tribestanol is active in the body for approximately 8 hours, So you need to take it 3 times per day to ensure that your body continually releases luteinizing hormone, which results in testosterone production. After a 12-week cycle, you should stop taking it for 2 weeks because the body will begin to recognize that Tribestanol has been sending a "false signal" indicating that the body should spport more testosterone. Your body doesn't really need to support extra testosterone but Tribestanol may cause it to any way. Once you have used Tribestanol for 12weeks, the body will no longer continue to support testosterone. However, after ceasing the use of Tribestanol for only 2 weeks, the body will respond to it again. The 12weeks-on, 2 weeks-off schedule can be continued indefinitely. Take 2 capsules, 3 times a day. (Suggested use; morning, afternoon, evening ) Note: For an added boost take 2 capsules, 1 hour before training. Product Cycle: 12 Weeks On and 2 Weeks Off. Not to be used by Pregnant or Lactating Women.
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Tribulus Terrestris Extract


  - (61% Protodioscin)


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