Mass Tech Extreme 2000

Mass Tech Extreme 2000

Ultimate 100% whey protein mass gainer. 

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Whether you’re stuck in a growth plateau or simply have a hard time building mass, MuscleTech Mass-Tech Extreme 2000 is the definition of a quality mass gainer - Bursting in protein and carbs, high in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals.

Mass-Tech Extreme 2000 is a scientifically proven 5-in-1 extreme mass gainer designed to build muscle and increase strength, without having to add extra fat to your physique. With 80g of protein and over 400g of carbs when mixed with 2 glasses of skim milk, and an additional 10g of creatine, and 20 vitamins and minerals packed into each six-scoop serving size of this 2,000 calorie and 100% whey protein formula, it’s no secret that Mass Tech Extreme 2000 is a mass-producing machine. Unlike many other mass gainers on the market, MuscleTech prioritises quality above all else - which is why Mass Tech Extreme 2000 contains only high-quality milk-derived protein sources that boast the highest biological value and absorption rate.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Contains only high biological value protein sources - Mass Tech Extreme 2000 contains high-quality, milk-derived protein sources, such as Whey Protein Isolate 97%, Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate and Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate. Due to their high bioavailability, your body can easily absorb and use the nutrients to start building serious muscle mass right away.

  • Contains clean calories - The formula contains high-density, clean calories that contain quality protein sources and easily digestible complex carbs. Using Multi-Phase Filtration Technology, the whey protein has been filtered to reduce fat, lactose and impurities, which are common amongst cheaper protein alternatives.

  • Supports mass gains - Unlike most mass gainers, Mass-Tech Extreme 2000 contains a whopping 80g of protein in each six-scoop serving when mixed with 2 glasses of skim milk, which gives your body the building blocks required to help build rapid muscle mass. Mass-Tech Extreme 2000 also contains 400g of carbs (when mixed with skim milk) to deliver a multi-phase carb complex that spikes insulin levels and replenishes muscle glycogen, which will help put your body into an anabolic state.

  • Supports strength - Unlike most competitors which fail to include creatine in their formulas, Mass-Tech Extreme 2000 contains 10g of creatine per serve. This ingredient helps to increase strength through regenerating ATP stores that are depleted during a workout. What does this mean for you? Creatine will help you work out harder, and for longer.

If you’re tired of not seeing the mass gains you’ve worked hard for, it might be time to add a mass gainer to the mix. For a high-quality protein-packed mass gainer that offers an ultra-clean formula, MuscleTech Mass-Tech Extreme 2000 is among the best in the industry.

Mix 1 serving (6 heaping scoops) with 473-590mL of water or skim milk in a blender and consume once daily. Alternately, mix 1/2 serving (3 heaping scoops) with 236-295mL of water or skim milk and consume twice daily. Take in the morning, between meals, or post-workout. Read the entire label before use and follow directions provided. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily for general good health.

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Triple Chocolate Browner flavour (22lb)

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