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Pure Carbs
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Insulin spike, Anabolic drive, Glycogen replenishment, Energy, Recovery

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Not for carbo-phobes, Gentec’s Pure Carbs is a blend of three different sources of carbohydrates, designed to spike insulin in order to increase the body’s anabolic function.

By supplementing with a high carbohydrate source post-training such as Pure Carbs, this will result in insulin driving nutrients from the bloodstream into the muscle cells. Pure Carbs’ blend of Maltodextrin, Fructose and Dextrose provides a varied approach to carbohydrate nutrition, resulting in maximum uptake and effectiveness, in replenishing glycogen stores and improving recovery.

Add Pure Carbs to your post workout shake to boost your anabolic function and maximise results!

Dosage: 1g per 1kg Bodyweight - (eg: 80g if 80kg) Mix with Minimum 500ml water in shaker or blender and consume immediately after training.

Nutrition & Ingredients

Maltodextrin 85%, Fructose 10%, Dextrose 5%.

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