G Fuel Energy Can

G Fuel Energy Can
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Looking for elevated energy, laser-sharp focus, quicker reaction times and more endurance? Gamma Labs flavour-bursting G-Fuel Can might be just what you need! 


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  • Zero sugar and calories
  • May enhance energy and focus
  • May improve endurance and reaction time 
  • Contains 300mg of caffeine per serve



Loaded with aminos, vitamins, antioxidants, theanine, S7, and a strong 300mg dose of caffeine, Gamma Labs G-Fuel Can isn’t your standard carbonated energy drink. Designed for shift workers, gamers, and those wanting a quick pick-me-up, the G-Fuel Can delivers a hefty hit of energy in the most delicious way possible, with far more benefits than you’ll find in your standard energy drink! 


Wondering what sets the G-Fuel Can apart from competitors? Unlike other players in the game who rely on sugar to spike your energy levels, the G-Fuel Can contains zero sugar and zero calories, which means you can enjoy a healthier alternative with a sustained supply of energy that won’t leave you crashing. To deliver laser-sharp focus, Gamma Labs have added aminos for a unique edge. Additionally, the formula has also been enhanced with ketones to provide an alternative energy source for the brain, heart and muscles, which may help to reduce stress, boost endurance, enhance focus and support thought processing. With the addition of the S7 Antioxidant Complex, which contains turmeric, green tea, kale, broccoli and blueberry extracts, G-Fuel is designed to help increase nitric oxide to deliver more oxygen, blood flow and key nutrients. 



Looking for an energy drink that works as hard as you do? It looks like you’ve finally found your match with Gamma Labs’ delicious zero sugar and calorie energy-boosting drink: The G-Fuel Can. 


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