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Get on the booty bandwagon with Fitique’s transformative Booty Bands. Where a sophisticated design meets groundbreaking results, Fitique Booty Bands is the ultimate toning and sculpting solution to get your booty looking and feeling its best!

Versatile, yet simple in nature, Fitique’s mobile, lightweight and easy-to-use loop resistance bands are designed to work anywhere, at any time - From the comfort of your home or as the perfect gym companion to add a kick of resistance to your weight-based workout regime. Don’t be fooled by the simple and easy design, Fitique Booty Bands are guaranteed to turn up the intensity on your workout and get your heart pulsing and muscles activated.

Whether you’re just starting out or are a booty band veteran, Fitique Booty Bands are designed with all fitness levels, body shapes and goals in mind. Offering four levels of resistance, Fitique Booty Bands provide varying levels of intensity to assist you in achieving your booty goals, from toning right through to strengthening.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Improves booty toning & Strengthening - Fitique’s Booty bands can be used alone or simultaneously with weight-based machines to add an extra kick of intensity to your workouts. The level of resistance differentiates between bands, meaning you can control your booty gains to suit your specific goal or switch between bands to really up your booty game.
  • Mobile & Lightweight - If you’re always on the go, the lightweight and compact Fitique Booty Band can fit seamlessly into any bag to be used throughout the day - Whether you’re at home, in the park or hitting the gym.
  • Glute activation - Directly targeting glute activation is made easy with booty bands. Forget weighted machines and endless squatting, Fitique’s loop resistant banded goodness makes glute growth and toning fun and easy!
  • Increases flexibility - With varying intensity levels, Fitique Booty Bands ease you into your workouts and help to improve your flexibility. They make the perfect stretching tool for warming up and cooling down!
  • For beginners and advanced athletes - Whether it’s your first time or you’re a booty band old-timer, Fitique Booty Bands are specifically designed to suit all fitness levels, with four varying levels of intensity to make the process easier.

For the ultimate cost-effective, efficient and result-driven solution for getting the booty you’ve always wanted, you simply can’t look past Fitique Booty Bands.

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